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8-Jul-2014A Genome-Wide Metabolic QTL Analysis in Europeans Implicates Two Loci Shaped by Recent Positive SelectionNicholson, G; Rantalainen, M; Li, JV; Maher, AD; Malmodin, D; Ahmadi, KR; Faber, JH; Barrett, A; Min, JL; Rayner, NW; Toft, H; Krestyaninova, M; Viksna, J; Neogi, SG; Dumas, M-E; Sarkans, U; Donnelly, P; Illig, T; Adamski, J; Suhre, K; Allen, M; Zondervan, KT; Spector, TD; Nicholson, JK; Lindon, JC; Baunsgaard, D; Holmes, E; McCarthy, MI; Holmes, CC
10-Feb-2016How can frontline expertise and new models of care best contribute to safely reducing avoidable acute admissions? A mixed-methods study of four acute hospitalsPinkney, J; Rance, S; Benger, J; Brant, H; Joel-Edgar, S; Swancutt, D; Westlake, D; Pearson, M; Thomas, D; Holme, I; Endacott, R; Anderson, R; Allen, M; Purdy, S; Campbell, J; Sheaff, WR; Byng, R
11-Aug-2017Not all waits are equal: an exploratory investigation of emergency care patient pathways.Swancutt, D; Joel-Edgar, S; Allen, M; Thomas, D; Brant, H; Benger, J; Byng, R; Pinkney, J
19-Jan-2015Optimisation of simulated team training through the application of learning theories: a debate for a conceptual frameworkStocker, M; Burmester, M; Allen, M
4-May-2016Rapid access multidisciplinary lymph node diagnostic clinic: analysis of 550 patientsChau, I; Kelleher, MT; Cunningham, D; Norman, AR; Wotherspoon, A; Trott, P; Rhys-Evans, P; Della Rovere, GQ; Brown, G; Allen, M; Waters, JS; Haque, S; Murray, T; Bishop, L