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10-Feb-2015A comparison of the effectiveness of group-based and pharmacy-led smoking cessation treatment in GlasgowSocio-Management; Bauld, Linda; Chesterman, John; Ferguson, Janet; Judge, Ken
8-Sep-2016A qualitative evaluation of a novel intervention using insight into tobacco industry tactics to prevent the uptake of smoking in school-aged childrenKing's College London; Taylor, John; Taylor, Amy; Lewis, Sarah; McNeill, Ann; Britton, John; Jones, Laura L; Bauld, Linda; Parrott, Steve; Wu, Qi; Szatkowski, Lisa; Bains, Manpreet
14-Apr-2018A Qualitative Study of How Young Scottish Smokers Living in Disadvantaged Communities Get Their CigarettesAction on Smoking and Health Scotland; Donaghy, Edward; Bauld, Linda; Eadie, Douglas; McKell, Jennifer; Pringle, Brian; Amos, Amanda
20-Mar-2019A systematic review of behaviour change techniques within interventions to prevent return to smoking postpartum0000-0002-0995-7955; Brown, Tracey; Hardeman, Wendy; Bauld, Linda; Holland, Richard; Maskrey, Vivienne; Naughton, Felix; Orton, Sophie; Ussher, Michael; Notley, Caitlin
10-Feb-2015Alcohol Misusers' experiences of employment and the benefit systemAvon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust; Bauld, Linda; Carroll, Colin; Hay, Gordon; McKell, Jennifer; Novak, Claire; Silver, Karin; Templeton, Lorna
28-Aug-2017An investigation into digital alcohol marketing and user-created alcohol promotion, and the association with young adult’s alcohol-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviourMoodie, Crawford; Bauld, Linda; Hastings, Gerard; Bonner, Adrian; Funded by the Salvation Army UK & Ireland.; Critchlow, Nathan
20-Jul-2016Are financial incentives cost-effective to support smoking cessation during pregnancy?Boyd, Kathleen; Briggs, Andrew; Bauld, Linda; Sinclair, Lesley; Tappin, David
19-Jan-2019Attitudes to E-Cigarettes and Cessation Support for Pregnant Women from English Stop Smoking Services: A Mixed Methods StudyNottingham City Hospital; 0000-0002-0995-7955; Cooper, Sue; Orton, Sophie; Campbell, Katarzyna; Ussher, Michael; Coleman-Haynes, Naomi; Whitemore, Rachel; Dickinson, Anne; McEwen, Andy; Lewis, Sarah; Naughton, Felix; Bowker, Katharine; Sinclair, Lesley; Bauld, Linda; Coleman, Tim
6-Apr-2018Attitudes towards bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Results from a cross-sectional general population surveyResuscitation Research Group, University of Edinburgh; Heriot-Watt University; 0000-0002-8294-8203; Dobbie, Fiona; MacKintosh, Anne Marie; Clegg, Gareth; Stirzaker, Rebecca; Bauld, Linda
11-Jul-2017Barriers to and facilitators of smoking cessation in pregnancy and following childbirth: literature review and qualitative study0000-0002-2210-8181; 0000-0002-2912-0837; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Bauld, Linda; Graham, Hilary; Sinclair, Lesley; Flemming, Kate; Naughton, Felix; Ford, Allison; McKell, Jennifer; McCaughan, Dorothy; Hopewell, Sarah; Angus, Kathryn; Eadie, Douglas; Tappin, David
27-Jan-2018Behavioural therapy for smoking cessation: The effectiveness of different intervention types for disadvantaged and affluent smokersHiscock, Rosemary; Murray, Susan; Brose, Leonie S; McEwen, Andy; Leonardi-Bee, Jo; Dobbie, Fiona; Bauld, Linda
18-Jul-2015Benefits of incentives for breastfeeding and smoking cessation in pregnancy (BIBS): A mixed-methods study to inform trial designKing's College London; Newcastle University; Psychology; Newcastle University; Morgan, Heather; Hoddinott, Pat; Thomson, Gill; Crossland, Nicola; Farrar, Shelley; Yi, Deokhee; Hislop, Jenni; Moran, Victoria Hall; MacLennan, Graeme; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Rothnie, Kieran; Stewart, Fiona; Bauld, Linda; Ludbrook, Anne; Dykes, Fiona; Sniehotta, Falko F; Tappin, David; Campbell, Marion K
2-Mar-2017Bereavement following a fatal overdose: The experiences of adults in England and ScotlandLiverpool John Moores University; Bereavement Through Addiction; Templeton, Lorna; Valentine, Christine; Ford, Allison; McKell, Jennifer; Velleman, Richard; Walter, Tony; Hay, Gordon; Bauld, Linda; Hollywood, Joan
21-Mar-2017Bereavement through substance use: findings from an interview study with adults in England and ScotlandLiverpool John Moores University; Bereavement Through Addiction; Templeton, Lorna; Ford, Allison; McKell, Jennifer; Valentine, Christine; Walter, Tony; Velleman, Richard; Bauld, Linda; Hay, Gordon; Hollywood, Joan
8-Sep-2017Birth weight differences between those offered financial voucher incentives for verified smoking cessation and control participants enrolled in the Cessation in Pregnancy Incentives Trial (CPIT), employing an intuitive approach and a Complier Average Causal Effects (CACE) analysisMcConnachie, Alex; Haig, Caroline; Sinclair, Lesley; Bauld, Linda; Tappin, David
1-Dec-2017Budget 2017: experts respondAston University; Loughborough University; Aston University; Brunel University; Cardiff University; The Open University; Jones, Chris; Hirsch, Donald; Turner, Ed; Rodgers, Geoff J; Pryce, Gwilym; Rubery, Jill; Bauld, Linda; Kitson, Michael; Nieuwenhuis, Paul; Bloom, Peter
9-Jan-2018Characterising the nicotine metabolite ratio and its association with treatment choice: A cross sectional analysis of Stop Smoking Services in EnglandKing's College London; Shahab, Lion; Mortimer, Emily; Bauld, Linda; McGowan, Jennifer A; McNeill, Ann; Tyndale, Rachel F
12-Oct-2018Clustering of behavioural risk factors for health in UK adults in 2016: a cross-sectional survey (Forthcoming/Available Online)Birch, Jack; Petty, Robert; Hooper, Lucie; Bauld, Linda; Rosenberg, Gillian; Vohra, Jyotsna
6-Dec-2017Could Vaping be a New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge?Massey University; Glover, Marewa; Breier, Bernhard H; Bauld, Linda
29-May-2017Delivery of alcohol brief interventions in community-based youth work settings: exploring feasibility and acceptability in a qualitative studySociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology; NHS Health Scotland; Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy; Stead, Martine; Parkes, Tessa; Nicoll, Avril; Wilson, Sarah; Burgess, Cheryl; Eadie, Douglas; Fitzgerald, Niamh; McKell, Jennifer; Reid, Garth; Jepson, Ruth; McAteer, John; Bauld, Linda