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23-Aug-2017A meta-analysis comparing the risk of metastases in patients with rectal cancer and MRI-detected extramural vascular invasion (mrEMVI) vs mrEMVI-negative casesSiddiqui, MRS; Simillis, C; Hunter, C; Chand, M; Bhoday, J; Garant, A; Te, V; Artho, G; Rasheed, S; Tekkis, P; Abulafi, A-M; Brown, G
5-May-2016A phase II trial of preoperative chemotherapy with epirubicin, cisplatin and capecitabine for patients with localised gastro-oesophageal junctional adenocarcinomaStarling, N; Okines, A; Cunningham, D; Allum, W; Wotherspoon, A; Benson, M; Thompson, J; Thomas, J; Brown, G; Riddell, A; Stavridi, F; Ashley, S; Oates, J; Chau, I
3-Oct-2016Adjuvant chemotherapy may improve disease-free survival in patients with mrEMVI-positive rectal cancer following chemoradiation.Chand, M; Rasheed, S; Heald, R; Swift, I; West, N; Rao, S; Tekkis, P; Brown, G
14-Aug-2014Chemoradiotherapy response in recurrent rectal cancer.Yu, SK; Bhangu, A; Tait, DM; Tekkis, P; Wotherspoon, A; Brown, G
5-May-2016Colorectal cancer with liver metastases: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy, surgical resection first or palliation alone?Khan, K; Wale, A; Brown, G; Chau, I
25-Oct-2016Corrigendum to "2nd St. Gallen EORTC Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference: Consensus recommendations on controversial issues in the primary treatment of rectal cancer" [Eur J Cancer 63 (August 2016) 11-24].Lutz, MP; Zalcberg, JR; Glynne-Jones, R; Ruers, T; Ducreux, M; Arnold, D; Aust, D; Brown, G; Bujko, K; Cunningham, C; Evrard, S; Folprecht, G; Gerard, JP; Habr-Gama, A; Haustermans, K; Holm, T; Kuhlmann, KF; Lordick, F; Mentha, G; Moehler, M; Nagtegaal, ID; Pigazzi, A; Pucciarelli, S; Roth, A; Rutten, H; Schmoll, HJ; Sorbye, H; Van Cutsem, E; Weitz, J; Otto, F
28-Jun-2017CT and 3-T MRI accurately identify T3c disease in colon cancer, which strongly predicts disease-free survivalHunter, C; Siddiqui, M; Delisle, TG; Blake, H; Jeyadevan, N; Abulafi, M; Swift, I; Toomey, P; Brown, G
5-May-2016Defining patient outcomes in stage IV colorectal cancer: a prospective study with baseline stratification according to disease resectability statusWatkins, DJ; Chau, I; Cunningham, D; Mudan, SS; Karanjia, N; Brown, G; Ashley, S; Norman, AR; Gillbanks, A
18-Oct-2016Defining response to radiotherapy in rectal cancer using magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological scalesSiddiqui, MR; Bhoday, J; Battersby, NJ; Chand, M; West, NP; Abulafi, AM; Tekkis, PP; Brown, G
5-May-2016Effectiveness of preoperative staging in rectal cancer: digital rectal examination, endoluminal ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging?Brown, G; Davies, S; Williams, GT; Bourne, MW; Newcombe, RG; Radcliffe, AG; Blethyn, J; Dallimore, NS; Rees, BI; Phillips, CJ; Maughan, TS
18-May-2015Evidence for radiologic and histopathologic prognostic importance of detecting EMVI in rectal cancer: recommendations for radiology and histopathology reporting.Chand, M; Palmer, T; Blomqvist, L; Nagtegaal, I; West, N; Brown, G
19-Aug-2017Extended lymphadenectomy for locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancerGeorgiou, PA; Ali, SM; Brown, G; Rasheed, S; Tekkis, PP
4-May-2016Extramural venous invasion is a potential imaging predictive biomarker of neoadjuvant treatment in rectal cancerChand, M; Swift, RI; Tekkis, PP; Chau, I; Brown, G
22-Sep-2014HIV risk among Australian men travelling overseas: networks and context matterBrown, G; Ellard, J; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Hildebrand, J; Langdon, T
6-Jul-2016Imaging Advances in Colorectal CancerBalyasnikova, S; Brown, G
18-Oct-2016Imaging biomarker roadmap for cancer studiesEngineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); US Army (US); Scottish Power Foundation; Pfizer Limited; GlaxoSmithKline Services Unlimited; O'Connor, JP; Aboagye, EO; Adams, JE; Aerts, HJ; Barrington, SF; Beer, AJ; Boellaard, R; Bohndiek, SE; Brady, M; Brown, G; Buckley, DL; Chenevert, TL; Clarke, LP; Collette, S; Cook, GJ; DeSouza, NM; Dickson, JC; Dive, C; Evelhoch, JL; Faivre-Finn, C; Gallagher, FA; Gilbert, FJ; Gillies, RJ; Goh, V; Griffiths, JR; Groves, AM; Halligan, S; Harris, AL; Hawkes, DJ; Hoekstra, OS; Huang, EP; Hutton, BF; Jackson, EF; Jayson, GC; Jones, A; Koh, DM; Lacombe, D; Lambin, P; Lassau, N; Leach, MO; Lee, TY; Leen, EL; Lewis, JS; Liu, Y; Lythgoe, MF; Manoharan, P; Maxwell, RJ; Miles, KA; Morgan, B; Morris, S; Ng, T; Padhani, AR; Parker, GJ; Partridge, M; Pathak, AP; Peet, AC; Punwani, S; Reynolds, AR; Robinson, SP; Shankar, LK; Sharma, RA; Soloviev, D; Stroobants, S; Sullivan, DC; Taylor, SA; Tofts, PS; Tozer, GM; Van Herk, M; Walker-Samuel, S; Wason, J; Williams, KJ; Workman, P; Yankeelov, TE; Brindle, KM; McShane, LM; Jackson, A; Waterton, JC
3-Nov-2014“Living a life less ordinary”: Exploring the experiences of Australian men who have acquired HIV overseasBrown, G; Ellard, J; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Prestage, G; Crawford, G; Langdon, T
10-Jul-2014“…not some young tourist”: The male overseas-acquired HIV social research studyBrown, G; Ellard, J; Prestage, G; Mooney-Somers, Julie
6-Jul-2016Optimal Imaging Strategies for Rectal Cancer Staging and Ongoing Management.Balyasnikova, S; Brown, G
5-May-2016Pelvic colorectal recurrence: crucial role of radiologists in oncologic and surgical treatment options.Georgiou, PA; Tekkis, PP; Brown, G