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13-Sep-2014A descriptive study of multidisciplinary mental health staff moving to the community: the demographic and educational issuesEdith Cowan University, Western Australia; Bugge, Carol; Smith, Lorraine N; Shanley, Eamon
13-Sep-2014A descriptive survey to identify the perceived skills and community skill requirements of mental health staffEdith Cowan University, Western Australia; Bugge, Carol; Smith, Lorraine N; Shanley, Eamon
25-Aug-2017A nurse-led education and cognitive behaviour therapy-based intervention among adults with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes: A randomised controlled trialEdith Cowan University, Western Australia; Health Sciences; Whitehead, Lisa C; Crowe, Marie T; Carter, Janet D; Maskill, Virginia R; Carlyle, Dave; Bugge, Carol; Frampton, Chris M A
26-Apr-2018A process for Decision-making after Pilot and feasibility Trials (ADePT): Development following a feasibility study of a complex intervention for pelvic organ prolapseSouthern General Hospital; Bugge, Carol; Williams, Brian; Hagen, Suzanne; Logan, Janet; Glazener, Cathryn; Pringle, Stewart; Sinclair, Lesley
24-Apr-2015A qualitative multiple case study investigating information exchange at lung cancer consultationsBugge, Carol; Niven, Catherine; Smith, Allison
28-Oct-2015A qualitative study of policy and action: How the Scottish Government has implemented self-management support for people with long-term conditions (LTCs)Forbes, Tom; Bugge, Carol; Annesley, Sarah Hilda
7-Nov-2014ADePT (algorithm for decision-making after pilot and feasibility trials): a decision aid for progression from feasibility study to main trialHS Post Qual - Stirling; Bugge, Carol; Williams, Brian; Hagen, Suzanne
15-Dec-2015Appraisal and illness delay with symptoms of ACS: A questionnaire study of illness representationsFarquharson, Barbara; Johnston, Marie; Bugge, Carol
11-Sep-2014Assessing patients’ participation and quality of decision-making: insights from a study of routine practice in diverse settingsEntwistle, Vikki A; Watt, Ian S; Gilhooly, Ken; Bugge, Carol; Haites, Neva; Walker, Anne E
8-Jul-2016Caring for continence in stroke care settings: a qualitative study of patients’ and staff perspectives on the implementation of a new continence care interventionNHS Lanarkshire; Glasgow Royal Infirmary; Brady, Marion C; Jamieson, Katharine; Bugge, Carol; Hagen, Suzanne; McClurg, Doreen; Chalmers, Campbell; Langhorne, Peter
21-Mar-2017Commercial gaming devices for stroke upper limb rehabilitation: a survey of current practiceThomson, Katie; Pollock, Alex; Bugge, Carol; Brady, Marion C
31-Jan-2017Commercial gaming devices for stroke upper limb rehabilitation: A systematic reviewThomson, Katie; Pollock, Alex; Bugge, Carol; Brady, Marion C
21-May-2010Does the socioeconomic background of pregnant women make a difference to their perceptions of antenatal care? A qualitative case studyBugge, Carol; Watterson, Andrew; School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health; Docherty, Angie
26-Mar-2019Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial of basic versus biofeedback-mediated intensive pelvic floor muscle training for female stress or mixed urinary incontinence: Protocol for the OPAL (optimising pelvic floor exercises to achieve long-term benefits) trial mixed methods longitudinal qualitative case study and process evaluationRobert Gordon University; 0000-0002-0644-5233; 0000-0002-4071-0803; Grant, Aileen; Dean, Sarah; Hay-Smith, Jean; Hagen, Suzanne; McClurg, Doreen; Taylor, Anne; Kovandzic, Marija; Bugge, Carol
27-Oct-2015Engagement: an indicator of difference in the perceptions of antenatal care for pregnant women from diverse socioeconomic backgroundsOHSU School of Nursing - Monmouth, USA; Docherty, Angela; Bugge, Carol; Watterson, Andrew
7-Nov-2016Experiences of Carers of People with Lung Cancer: a qualitative studyBugge, Carol; Simpson, Mhairi F
16-May-2018Factors affecting continuation of clean intermittent catheterisation in people with multiple sclerosis: Results of the COSMOS mixed-methods studyNational University of Ireland - Galway; 0000-0002-4071-0803; McClurg, Doreen; Bugge, Carol; Elders, Andrew; Irshad, Tasneem; Hagen, Suzanne; Moore, Katherine; Buckley, Brian; Fader, Mandy
14-Sep-2014How people present symptoms to health services: a theory-based content analysisFarquharson, Barbara; Johnston, Marie; Bugge, Carol
13-Sep-2014Improving understanding and rigour through triangulation: An exemplar based on patient participation in interactionSwansea University; Jones, Aled; Bugge, Carol
15-Oct-2014Information exchange between patients and nurses during routine nursing care in ward settings: A qualitative multiple case studyBugge, Carol; Stoddart, Kathleen; Crispin, Vivianne Joy