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13-Aug-2018Common patterns of morbidity and multi-morbidity and their impact on health-related quality of life: evidence from a national survey.Mujica-Mota, RE; Roberts, M; Abel, G; Elliott, M; Lyratzopoulos, G; Roland, M; Campbell, J
11-Feb-2016Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: randomised controlled trial.Chalder, M; Wiles, NJ; Campbell, J; Hollinghurst, SP; Haase, AM; Taylor, AH; Fox, KR; Costelloe, C; Searle, A; Baxter, H; Winder, R; Wright, C; Turner, KM; Calnan, M; Lawlor, DA; Peters, TJ; Sharp, DJ; Montgomery, AA; Lewis, G
29-Jan-2014GPAQ-R: development and psychometric properties of a version of the general practice assessment questionnaire for use for revalidation by general practitioners in the UK.Roland, M; Roberts, M; Rhenius, V; Campbell, J
10-Feb-2016How can frontline expertise and new models of care best contribute to safely reducing avoidable acute admissions? A mixed-methods study of four acute hospitalsPinkney, J; Rance, S; Benger, J; Brant, H; Joel-Edgar, S; Swancutt, D; Westlake, D; Pearson, M; Thomas, D; Holme, I; Endacott, R; Anderson, R; Allen, M; Purdy, S; Campbell, J; Sheaff, WR; Byng, R
11-Aug-2016Interpreting multisource feedback: online study of consensus and variation among GP appraisersWright, C; Campbell, J; McGowan, L; Roberts, MJ; Jelley, D; Chatterjee, A
15-Apr-2016Maximal effort cytoreductive surgery for disseminated ovarian cancer in a UK setting: challenges and possibilitiesFotopoulou, C; Jones, BP; Savvatis, K; Campbell, J; Kyrgiou, M; Farthing, A; Brett, S; Roux, R; Hall, M; Rustin, G; Gabra, H; Jiao, L; Stümpfle, R
29-Apr-2019Overseas GP recruitment: comparing international GP training with the UK and ensuring that registration standards and patient safety are maintainedFletcher, E; Sansom, A; Pitchforth, E; Curnow, G; Freeman, A; Campbell, J
16-Jan-2018Patients' views of physical activity as treatment for depression: a qualitative study.Searle, A; Calnan, M; Lewis, G; Campbell, J; Taylor, A; Turner, K
24-Aug-2016Physical activity as a treatment for depression: the TREAD randomised trial protocol.Baxter, H; Winder, R; Chalder, M; Wright, C; Sherlock, S; Haase, A; Wiles, NJ; Montgomery, AA; Taylor, AH; Fox, KR; Lawlor, DA; Peters, TJ; Sharp, DJ; Campbell, J; Lewis, G
8-Sep-2015Predictors of suppurative complications for acute sore throat in primary care: Prospective clinical cohort studyLittle, P; Stuart, B; Richard Hobbs, FD; Butler, CC; Hay, AD; Campbell, J; Delaney, B; Broomfield, S; Barratt, P; Hood, K; Everitt, H; Mullee, M; Williamson, I; Mant, D; Moore, M
27-Jul-2017Surgery for Recurrent Uterine Cancer: Surgical Outcomes and Implications for Survival-A Case SeriesOvarian Cancer Action; Domenici, L; Nixon, K; Sorbi, F; Kyrgiou, M; Yazbek, J; Hall, M; Campbell, J; Gibbons, N; Park, W-HE; Gabra, H; Fotopoulou, C
20-Oct-2015Web-based textual analysis of free-text patient experience comments from a survey in primary care.Maramba, ID; Davey, A; Elliott, MN; Roberts, M; Roland, M; Brown, F; Burt, J; Boiko, O; Campbell, J