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12-Sep-2014A cohort study (with re-sampled comparator groups) to measure the association between new NSAID prescribing and upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage and perforationASS Management and Support Team; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; McMahon, Alex; Evans, Josie; White, G; Murray, Frank E; McGilchrist, Mark M; McDevitt, Denis G; MacDonald, Thomas M
6-Jul-2017A cohort study of the risk of cancer associated with type 2 diabetesOgunleye, Ayodele A; Ogston, Simon A; Morris, Andrew D; Evans, Josie
5-May-2018A physical activity intervention in a Bingo club: Significance of the settingChief Scientist Office; Health Sciences Research - Stirling - LEGACY; NHS Health Scotland; 0000-0001-6672-7876; 0000-0002-2517-9399; 0000-0002-7687-4586; Evans, Josie; Connelly, Jenni; Jepson, Ruth; Gray, Cindy; Shepherd, Ashley; Mackison, Dionne
11-Jul-2016Accessing and engaging women from socio-economically disadvantaged areas: A participatory approach to the design of a public health intervention for delivery in a Bingo clubScottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy; Evans, Josie; Ryde, Gemma; Jepson, Ruth; Gray, Cindy; Shepherd, Ashley; Mackison, Dionne; McMurdo, Marion E T; Ireland, Aileen; Williams, Brian
12-Sep-2014ACE inhibitor use is associated with hospitalization for severe hypoglycemia in patients with diabetesApplied Social Science; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Morris, Andrew D; Boyle, Douglas I R; McMahon, Alex; Pearce, Hilary; Evans, Josie; Newton, Ray W; Jung, Roland T; MacDonald, Thomas M
12-Sep-2014Adherence to insulin and its association with glycaemic control in patients with type 2 diabetesDonnelly, Louise A; Morris, Andrew D; Evans, Josie
12-Sep-2014Adherence to oral hypoglycaemic agents prior to insulin therapy in Type 2 diabetesEvans, Josie; Donnan, Peter T; Morris, Andrew D
26-May-2016Adherence to the Mediterranean diet by the Greek and Cypriot population: a systematic reviewKMED Nutrition and Dietetics Centre; Kyriacou, Alexis; Evans, Josie; Economides, Nicholas; Kyriacou, Angelos
11-Sep-2014An evaluation to assess the implementation of NHS delivered Alcohol Brief Interventions: Final ReportHS Health - Stirling; HS Research - Highland; NMH - Policy - Stirling; HS Health - Stirling; Parkes, Tessa; Atherton, Iain; Evans, Josie; Gloyn, Stephanie; McGhee, Stephen; Stoddart, Bernadette; Eadie, Douglas; Brooks, Oona; MacAskill, Susan; Petrie, Dennis; Choudury, Homagni
5-Oct-2012Being homeless: The influence of personality and coping styles on health outcomes.Watterson, Andrew; Evans, Josie; School of Applied Social Science; Bright, David M.
13-Sep-2014Comparison of cardiovascular risk between patients with type 2 diabetes and those who had had a myocardial infarction: cross sectional and cohort studies [Erratum published Volume 324, Issue 7350, 8 June 2002, Page 1357)Evans, Josie; Wang, Jixian; Morris, Andrew D
12-Sep-2014Contraindications to metformin therapy in patients with Type 2 diabetes - a population-based study of adherence to prescribing guidelinesTayside Centre for General Practice; Emslie-Smith, Alistair M; Boyle, Douglas I R; Evans, Josie; Sullivan, Frank M; Morris, Andrew D
12-Sep-2014Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes at an older age - Effect on mortality in men and womenSingapore Health Services; Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO); Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO); Tan, Hwee H; McAlpine, Ritchie R; James, Peter; Thompson, Philip; McMurdo, Marion E T; Morris, Andrew D; Evans, Josie
13-Sep-2014Differences in self-assessed health by socioeconomic group amongst people with and without a history of cancer: an analysis using representative data from ScotlandHS Research - Highland; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Atherton, Iain; Evans, Josie; Dibben, Christopher J L; Woods, Laura; Hubbard, Gill
13-Sep-2014Do general practice characteristics influence uptake of an information technology (IT) innovation in primary care?Evans, Josie; Guthrie, Bruce; Pagliari, Claudia; Greene, Alexandra; Morris, Andrew D; Cunningham, Scott L; Donnan, Peter T
12-Sep-2014Effect of Metformin on Mortality in Patients With Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes MellitusEvans, Josie; Doney, Alex S F; Al, Zadjali Matlooba; Ogston, Simon A; Petrie, John R; Morris, Andrew D; Struthers, Allan D; Wong, Aaron K F; Lang, Chim C
30-Mar-2019Epidemiology of emergency ambulance service calls related to mental health problems and self harm: a national record linkage studyCSO Chief Scientist Office; NMAHP; Edinburgh Napier University; NMAHP; NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Mental Health Foundation; NMAHP; Swansea University; NHS Highland; Mental Health Foundation; NHS Lothian; 0000-0002-3400-905X; 0000-0002-3652-2498; 0000-0003-3462-6960; 0000-0001-6672-7876; 0000-0003-0653-8445; 0000-0003-3318-9500; Duncan, Edward A S; Best, Catherine; Dougall, Nadine; Skar, Silje; Evans, Josie; Corfield, Alasdair R.; Fitzpatrick, David; Goldie, Isabella; Maxwell, Margaret; Snooks, Helen; Stark, Cameron; White, Chris; Wojcik, Wojtek
9-Feb-2018Factors associated with health-related quality of life among patients with liver cirrhosis in EgyptCairo University; Youssef, Naglaa; Shepherd, Ashley; Evans, Josie
2-Aug-2016Factors influencing the use of complementary and alternative medicine and whether patients inform their primary care physicianHS Post Qual - Stirling; Health Sciences Highland; NHS Highland; Thomson, Patricia; Jones, Jenny; Evans, Josie; Leslie, Stephen
12-Sep-2014Frequency of blood glucose monitoring in relation to glycaemic control: observational study with diabetes databaseNinewells Hospital & Medical School; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; Evans, Josie; Newton, Ray W; Ruta, Danny A; MacDonald, Thomas M; Stevenson, Richard J; Morris, Andrew D