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1-Jun-2016A cluster randomised stepped wedge trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a multifaceted information technology-based intervention in reducing high-risk prescribing of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antiplatelets in primary medical care: The DQIP study protocolNHS Tayside; Dreischulte, Tobias; Grant, Aileen; Donnan, Peter T; McCowan, Colin; Davey, Peter G; Petrie, Dennis; Treweek, Shaun; Guthrie, Bruce
1-Jun-2016Acceptability and perceived barriers and facilitators to creating a national Research Register to enable 'direct to patient' enrolment into research: the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE)NHS Lothian; NHS Lothian; Grant, Aileen; Ure, Jenny; Nicolson, Donald J; Hanley, Janet; Sheikh, Aziz; McKinstry, Brian; Sullivan, Frank M
25-Dec-2016Billions are spent on clinical research that gets ignored – here’s the answerHealth Sciences Research - Stirling - LEGACY; 0000-0001-6146-101X; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Grant, Aileen; Wells, Mary; Treweek, Shaun
1-Jun-2016Developing a complex intervention to improve prescribing safety in primary care: mixed methods feasibility and optimisation pilot studyNHS Tayside; Grant, Aileen; Guthrie, Bruce; Dreischulte, Tobias
26-Mar-2019Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial of basic versus biofeedback-mediated intensive pelvic floor muscle training for female stress or mixed urinary incontinence: Protocol for the OPAL (optimising pelvic floor exercises to achieve long-term benefits) trial mixed methods longitudinal qualitative case study and process evaluationRobert Gordon University; 0000-0002-0644-5233; 0000-0002-4071-0803; Grant, Aileen; Dean, Sarah; Hay-Smith, Jean; Hagen, Suzanne; McClurg, Doreen; Taylor, Anne; Kovandzic, Marija; Bugge, Carol
20-Apr-2017Process evaluation of the data-driven quality improvement in primary care (DQIP) trial: active and less active ingredients of a multi-component complex intervention to reduce high-risk primary care prescribingScottish Government Chief Scientist Office; NHS Tayside; 0000-0001-6146-101X; Grant, Aileen; Dreischulte, Tobias; Guthrie, Bruce
16-May-2017Process evaluation of the Data-driven Quality Improvement in Primary Care (DQIP) trial: Case study evaluation of adoption and maintenance of a complex intervention to reduce high-risk primary care prescribingNHS Tayside; 0000-0001-6146-101X; Grant, Aileen; Dreischulte, Tobias; Guthrie, Bruce
6-Jun-2016Process evaluations for cluster randomised trials of complex interventions: a proposed framework for design and reportingNHS Tayside; Grant, Aileen; Treweek, Shaun; Dreischulte, Tobias; Foy, Robbie; Guthrie, Bruce
2-Feb-2018Qualitative Studies Linked to Trials of Complex Interventions: what does case study methodology have to offer (Poster)Health Sciences; Health Sciences; Bugge, Carol; Grant, Aileen; Dean, Sarah G; Hay-Smith, Jean; McClurg, Doreen; Hagen, Suzanne
9-Jul-2016Quality and safety of medication use in primary care: consensus validation of a new set of explicit medication assessment criteria and prioritisation topics for improvementNHS Tayside; NHS 24; Dreischulte, Tobias; Grant, Aileen; McCowan, Colin; McAnaw, John J; Guthrie, Bruce
6-May-2016Safer Prescribing — A Trial of Education, Informatics, and Financial IncentivesNHS Tayside; Dreischulte, Tobias; Donnan, Peter T; Grant, Aileen; Hapca, Adrian; McCowan, Colin; Guthrie, Bruce
6-Jun-2016Study protocol of a mixed-methods evaluation of a cluster randomized trial to improve the safety of NSAID and antiplatelet prescribing: data-driven quality improvement in primary care.NHS Tayside; Grant, Aileen; Dreischulte, Tobias; Treweek, Shaun; Guthrie, Bruce
15-Dec-2016Why is so much clinical research ignored and what can we do about it? (Editorial)Health Sciences; Grant, Aileen; Treweek, Shaun; Wells, Mary