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8-Apr-2013Anabaenolysins, Novel Cytolytic Lipopeptides from Benthic Anabaena CyanobacteriaJokela, Jouni; Oftedal, Linn; Herfindal, Lars; Permi, Perttu; Wahlsten, Matti; Døskeland, Stein Ove; Sivonen, Kaarina
28-Apr-2015Cyanobacteria from terrestrial and marine sources contain apoptogens able to overcome chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia cellsLiu, Liwei; Herfindal, Lars; Jokela, Jouni; Shishido, Tania Keiko; Wahlsten, Matti; Døskeland, Stein Ove; Sivonen, Kaarina
4-Feb-2014Cyclic AMP can promote APL progression and protect myeloid leukemia cells against anthracycline-induced apoptosisGausdal, Gro; Wergeland, Anita; Skavland, Jørn; Nguyen, Eric; Pendino, Frédéric; Rouhee, Nazanin; McCormack, Emmet; Herfindal, Lars; Kleppe, Rune; Havemann, Ursula; Schwede, Frank; Bruserud, Øystein; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; Lanotte, Michel; Ségal-Bendirdjian, Evelyne; Døskeland, Stein Ove
17-Mar-2014Functional p53 is required for rapid restoration of daunorubicin-induced lesions of the spleenHerfindal, Lars; Myhren, Lene Elisabeth; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; Døskeland, Stein Ove; Gausdal, Gro
25-Mar-2015Introduction of aromatic ring-containing substituents in cyclic nucleotides is associated with inhibition of toxin uptake by the hepatocyte transporters OATP 1B1 and 1B3Herfindal, Lars; Krakstad, Camilla; Myhren, Lene Elisabeth; Hagland, Hanne; Kopperud, Reidun Kristin; Teigen, Knut; Schwede, Frank; Kleppe, Rune; Døskeland, Stein Ove
11-Mar-2011The apoptosis-inducing activity towards leukemia and lymphoma cells in a cyanobacterial culture collection is not associated with mouse bioassay toxicityOftedal, Linn; Skjærven, Kaja H.; Coyne, Rosie T.; Edvardsen, Bente; Rohrlack, Thomas; Skulberg, Olav M.; Døskeland, Stein Ove; Herfindal, Lars