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12-Jan-2017Acquired CYP19A1 amplification is an early specific mechanism of aromatase inhibitor resistance in ERα metastatic breast cancerImperial College London; Magnani, L; Frige, G; Gadaleta, RM; Corleone, G; Fabris, S; Kempe, MH; Vershure, PJ; Barozzi, I; Vircillo, V; Hong, S; Perone, Y; Saini, M; Trumpp, A; Viale, G; Neri, A; Simak, A; Colleoni, MA; Pruneri, G; Minucci, S
1-Apr-2019Aldehyde metabolic reprogramming in oesophageal adenocarcinomaHanna, George Bushra; Imperial College London; Antonowicz, Stefan
19-Jan-2016An evaluation of emerging technologies in ENT - virtual reality simulation & robotic surgeryTolley, Neil; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Imperial College London; Arora, Asit
20-Aug-2012Cellular and molecular mechanisms by which specific GSK3 inhibition affects the processing of the Amyloid Precursor ProteinSastre, Magdalena; Imperial College London; Parr, Callum John Christopher
25-Jul-2012Characterisation of the ADAMTS13 Metalloprotease DomainLane, David; Imperial College London; Xiang, Yaozu
1-Feb-2016Development and Investigation of a rabbit model of tuberculosis tissue destructionElkington, Paul; Friedland, Jon; Imperial College London; National Institutes of Health; Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Kubler, Andre
19-Jun-2015Development of carbamate modified PEI for delivery of a granzyme B inhibitor gene to protect against cytotoxic lymphocyte killingAshton-Rickardt, Philip; Singapore. Agency for Science, Technology and Research; Imperial College London; Cheng, Wei
8-Jul-2015Differential microglial activation in neurodegenerative diseasesGentleman, Stephen; Imperial College London; National Institutes of Health (U.S.); Pey, Peixuan
25-Jun-2015Effect of silver nanoparticles and microbial ligands on the innate immune response of the human alveolar epitheliumThorley, Andrew; National Heart & Lung Institute; Imperial College London; Zambianchi, Marta
10-Apr-2019Feasibility and outcomes of Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing following prophylactic swallowing rehabilitation in head and neck cancer (Forthcoming/Available Online)CSO Chief Scientist Office; Newcastle University; NHS Lothian; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; NMAHP; NHS Lothian; Imperial College London; Imperial College London; 0000-0003-3611-9647; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Patterson, Joanne M; Toft, Katherine; McAuley, F; King, Emma; McLachlan, K; Roe, Justin W G; Wells, Mary
14-Jul-2016Living beyond Cancer TreatmentImperial College London; Harmer, Victoria; Cruickshank, Susanne
3-Nov-2015Mobile phone text messaging data collection on care-seeking for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia in rural China: a mixed methods studyCar, Josip; Imperial College London; van Velthoven, Helena Maria Marcella Theodora
27-May-2016Molecular insights of pathways resulting from two common PIK3CA mutations in breast cancerImperial College London; Bhat-Nakshatri, P; Goswami, CP; Badve, S; Magnani, L; Lupien, M; Nakshatri, H
16-Nov-2016Multispectral imaging of organ viability during uterine transplantation surgery in rabbits and sheep.Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ( German Research Foundation; Imperial College London; Clancy, NT; Saso, S; Stoyanov, D; Sauvage, V; Corless, DJ; Boyd, M; Noakes, DE; Thum, MY; Ghaem-Maghami, S; Smith, JR; Elson, DS
12-Jul-2016Nurses should be aware of the early symptoms of cancerImperial College London; Cruickshank, Susanne; Harmer, Victoria
9-Jul-2015Role of Atopy in Interferon Production in Response to Rhinovirus and Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection in Mild AsthmaJohnston, Sebastian; Kon, Onn; Imperial College London; Macintyre, Jonathan David Robert
14-Dec-2015Role of FOXM1 in ovarian cancer tumorigenesis and chemoresistanceLam, Eric W-F; Imperial College London; Zhao, Fung
7-Jul-2015Roles of Epstein-Barr virus encoded RNAs during EBV latent infectionFarrell, Paul; Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research; Imperial College London; Boulden, Elizabeth
3-Feb-2017Screening and identification of kinases involved in drug resistance in bladder cancerSeckl, Michael; Pardo, Olivier; Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust; Imperial College London; Cancer Treatment & Research Trust; Mufti, Uwais Bashir
16-Jul-2015Single base resolution analysis of DNA methylation in a rat model of crescentic glomerulonephritisPetretto, Enrico; Imperial College London; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain); Oates, Thomas