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11-Sep-2014A pilot study of a supervised group exercise programme as a rehabilitation treatment for women with breast cancer receiving adjuvant treatmentNHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Campbell, Anna; Mutrie, Nanette; Whyte, Fiona; McGuire, Fiona; Kearney, Nora
7-Sep-2017A review of literature about involving people affected by cancer in research, policy and planning and practiceHS Research - Highland; Hubbard, Gill; Kidd, Lisa; Donaghy, Edward; McDonald, Charlotte; Kearney, Nora
12-May-2018A review of the effectiveness of mass media interventions which both encourage quit attempts and reinforce current and recent attempts to quit smokingAbertay University; Jepson, Ruth; Harris, Fiona Margaret; Rowa-Dewar, Neneh Johanna; MacGillivray, Steve; Hastings, Gerard; Kearney, Nora; Walker, Sara; Glanville, Julie
23-Sep-2017A Systematic Review of Worldwide Cancer Nursing Research: 1994 to 2003Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children; Middlesex University; King's College London; Molassiotis, Alexander; Gibson, Faith; Kelly, Daniel; Richardson, Alison; Dabbour, Rasha; Ahmad, Aftab M-A; Kearney, Nora
9-Feb-2018An Assessment to Identify the Future Research Priorities for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland: Final ReportMalcolm, Cari; Knighting, Katherine; Forbat, Liz; Kearney, Nora
18-Mar-2008An exploration of patients' perceived control, self efficacy and involvement in self care during chemotherapy for colorectal cancerKearney, Nora; O'Carroll, Ronan E.; School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health; Kidd, Lisa
14-Sep-2014An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the lived experience of multiple concurrent symptoms in patients with lung cancer: A contribution to the study of symptom clustersHairmyers Hospital Lanarkshire; Maguire, Roma; Stoddart, Kathleen; Flowers, Paul; McPhelim, John; Kearney, Nora
18-Jan-2018Benefits of supervised group exercise programme for women being treated for early stage breast cancer: pragmatic randomised controlled trialBeatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre; Mutrie, Nanette; Campbell, Anna M; Whyte, Fiona; McConnachie, Alex; Emslie, Carol; Lee, Laura; Kearney, Nora; Walker, Andrew; Ritchie, Diana
9-Apr-2018Challenges in conducting research with hospitalized older people with cancer: drawing from the experience of an ongoing interview-based projectChouliara, Zoe; Kearney, Nora; Worth, Alison; Stott, David
28-Sep-2017Chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting - past reflections, present practice and future managementMiller, Morven; Kearney, Nora
13-Sep-2014Children's understanding of cancer and views on health-related behaviour: a 'draw and write' studyGreat Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children; Knighting, Katherine; Rowa-Dewar, Neneh Johanna; Malcolm, Cari; Kearney, Nora; Gibson, Faith
21-Sep-2017Clinical practice guidelines for the use of colony-stimulating factors in cancer treatment: implications for oncology nursesDana-Farber Cancer Institute; Kearney, Nora; Friese, Christopher
22-Sep-2017Complementary and alternative medicine use in breast cancer patients in EuropeHS UG Regulated - Stirling; Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute; Belgian Society of Oncology Nursing; Institut Català Oncologia ICO; Greek Oncology Nursing Society; Department of Oncology, Landspitali; Institute for Oncology and Radiology, Serbia; Gazi University Hospital; Koc University; Greek Oncology Nursing Society; Molassiotis, Alexander; Scott, Julia; Kearney, Nora; Pud, Dorit; Magri, Miriam; Selvekerova, Sarka; Bruyns, Ingrid; Fernandez-Ortega, Paz; Panteli, Vassiliki; Margulies, Anita; Gudmundsdottir, Gudbjorg; Milovics, Ljiljana; Ozden, Gulten; Platin, Nurgun; Patiraki, Elisabeth
22-Sep-2017Complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with haematological malignancies in EuropeInstitut Català Oncologia ICO; Greek Oncology Nursing Society; Belgian Society of Oncology Nursing; HS UG Regulated - Stirling; Department of Oncology, Landspitali; Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden; Aarhus University Hospital; Gazi University Hospital; Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute; Koc University; Greek Oncology Nursing Society; Molassiotis, Alexander; Margulies, Anita; Fernandez-Ortega, Paz; Pud, Dorit; Panteli, Vassiliki; Bruyns, Ingrid; Scott, Julia; Gudmundsdottir, Gudbjorg; Browall, Maria; Madsen, Elin; Ozden, Gulten; Magri, Miriam; Selvekerova, Sarka; Platin, Nurgun; Kearney, Nora; Patiraki, Elisabeth
6-Sep-2017Developing Cancer Services: Patient and Carer Experiences. Final ReportHS Research - Highland; Kearney, Nora; Hubbard, Gill; Forbat, Liz; Knighting, Katherine
7-Sep-2017Disrupted lives and threats to identity: The experiences of people with colorectal cancer within the first year following diagnosisHubbard, Gill; Kidd, Lisa; Kearney, Nora
22-Feb-2018Enabling Change: Patient Experience as a Driver for Service Improvement. Final ReportHealth Sciences; Knighting, Katherine; Forbat, Liz; Cayless, Sandi; Kearney, Nora
22-Feb-2018Engaging patients in health care: An empirical study of the role of engagement on attitudes and actionHealth Sciences; Forbat, Liz; Cayless, Sandi; Knighting, Katherine; Kearney, Nora
30-Nov-2016EORTC guidelines for the use of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor to reduce the incidence of chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia in adult patients with lymphomas and solid tumoursEuropean School of Oncology; Duke University; United Arab Emirates University; Radboud University Nijmegen; The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology; Geneva University Hospital; Vienna General Hospital; Aapro, Matti; Cameron, David A; Pettengell, Ruth; Bohlius, Julia; Crawford, Jeffrey; Ellis, Michael; Kearney, Nora; Lyman, Gary H; Tjan-Heijnen, Vivianne C; Walewski, Jan; Weber, D C; Zielinski, Christoph
12-Sep-2014Evaluation of a mobile phone based, Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS©) in the management of chemotherapy related toxicityKelvin Connect Ltd; Kearney, Nora; McCann, Lisa Ann; Norrie, John; Taylor, Lesley; Gray, Peter; McGee-Lennon, Marilyn; Sage, Meurig; Miller, Morven; Maguire, Roma