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1-Dec-2015Hirmi Valley liver disease: A disease associated with exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids and DDTRobinson, O; Want, E; Coen, M; Kennedy, R; van den Bosch, C; Gebrehawaria, Y; Kudo, H; Sadiq, F; Goldin, RD; Hauser, ML; Fenwick, A; Toledano, MB; Thursz, MR
4-May-2018Implication of Major Adverse Postoperative Events and Myocardial Injury on Disability and Survival: A Planned Subanalysis of the ENIGMA-II Trial.Beattie, WS; Wijeysundera, DN; Chan, MTV; Peyton, PJ; Leslie, K; Paech, MJ; Sessler, DI; Wallace, S; Myles, PS; (& others including JRS); Galagher, W; Farrington, C; Ditoro, A; Baulch, S; Sidiropoulos, S; Bulach, R; Bryant, D; O'Loughlin, E; Mitteregger, V; Bolsin, S; Osborne, C; McRae, R; Backstrom, M; Cotter, R; March, S; Silbert, B; Said, S; Halliwell, R; Cope, J; Fahlbusch, D; Crump, D; Thompson, G; Jefferies, A; Reeves, M; Buckley, N; Tidy, T; Schricker, T; Lattermann, R; Iannuzzi, D; Carroll, J; Jacka, M; Bryden, C; Badner, N; Tsang, MWY; Cheng, BCP; Fong, ACM; Chu, LCY; Koo, EGY; Mohd, N; Ming, LE; Campbell, D; McAllister, D; Walker, S; Olliff, S; Kennedy, R; Eldawlatly, A; Alzahrani, T; Chua, N; Sneyd, R; McMillan, H; Parkinson, I; Brennan, A; Balaji, P; Nightingale, J; Kunst, G; Dickinson, M; Subramaniam, B; Banner-Godspeed, V; Liu, J; Kurz, A; Hesler, B; Fu, AY; Egan, C; Fiffick, AN; Hutcherson, MT; Turan, A; Naylor, A; Obal, D; Cooke, E; ANZCA Clinical Trials Network for the ENIGMA-II Investigators
26-Aug-2016When do Anastomotic Leaks Occur After Laparoscopic Total Colectomy and Ileo-rectal Anastomosis? A Case-Controlled Study in Patients with Familial Adenomatous PolyposisAziz, O; Albeyatti, A; Clark, S; Jenkins, JT; Kennedy, R