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22-Sep-2014Becoming a survivor – young people disclosing cancer to new acquaintances and romantic partnersLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie
3-Sep-2014Caring for young people with cancer: Practical implications of qualitative engagement with cancer survivors and those who care for themLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Jordens, C; Bennett, David; Patterson, P; McDonald, F; Kerridge, I
12-Oct-2016Chronic sustained hypoxia-induced redox remodeling causes contractile dysfunction in mouse sternohyoid muscleLewis, P; Sheehan, D; Soares, R; Varela Coelho, A; O'Halloran, KD
23-Jun-2014Decoration or communication? A qualitative study of images displayed around the bedsides of hospitalised childrenJordens, C; Lewis, P; Kerridge, I
10-Jan-2017Discursive constructions of youth cancer: findings from creative methods research with healthy young peopleMooney-Somers, Julie; Lewis, P; Kerridge, I
24-Apr-2015Exhibition Catalogue: Growing Up with Cancer: Self-portraits by young people growing up with cancer.Lewis, P; Jordens, C; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Kerridge, I
23-Apr-2015Growing Up with Cancer Project (2010) What’s it like having to deal with cancer AND with growing up?Mooney-Somers, Julie; Lewis, P
7-Oct-2013Growing up with cancer: A qualitative study of the impact of cancer on the experience of growing upLewis, P
7-Jul-2014Growing up with cancer: Accommodating the effects of cancer into young people’s social lives.Lewis, P; Jordens, C; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Kerridge, I
22-Sep-2014“Little Annabel Harvey and her fight with cancer”: healthy young people’s representations of youth cancerMooney-Somers, Julie; Lewis, P
29-Jul-2016Loss of chromosome 10 is an independent prognostic factor in high-grade gliomasBalesaria, S; Brock, C; Bower, M; Clark, J; Nicholson, SK; Lewis, P; De Sanctis, S; Evans, H; Peterson, D; Mendoza, N; Glaser, MG; Newlands, ES; Fisher, RA
28-Apr-2017Parenthood in young cancer survivors is more than a combination of motivation and capacityLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie
8-Feb-2015Parents as Advocates for the Psychosocial Survival of Adolescents and Young Adults with CancerLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Jordens, C; Kerridge, I
21-Sep-2014“Sometimes I get in an awkward situation”: Examining the ongoing effects of cancer on young people’s relationshipsLewis, P; Jordens, C; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Bennett, David; Patterson, P; McDonald, F; Smith, K; Kerridge, I