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25-Jun-2015Application of Gold Nanoparticles for Gastrointestinal Cancer Theranostics: A Systematic Review.Singh, M; Harris-Birtill, DCC; Markar, SR; Hanna, GB; Elson, DS
8-Mar-2017Applied investigation of person-specific and context-specific factors on postoperative recovery and clinical outcomes of patients undergoing gastrointestinal cancer surgery: multicentre European studyMarkar, SR; Mavroveli, S; Petrides, KV; Scarpa, M; Christophe, V; Castoro, C; Mariette, C; Lagergren, P; Hanna, GB
19-Aug-2016Biomarkers of acute appendicitis: systematic review and cost–benefit trade-off analysisAcharya, A; Markar, SR; Ni, M; Hanna, GB
22-Sep-2016Linked Hospital and Primary Care Database Analysis of the Incidence and Impact of Psychiatric Morbidity Following Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery in EnglandBouras, G; Markar, SR; Burns, EM; Mackenzie, HA; Bottle, A; Athanasiou, T; Hanna, GB; Darzi, A
12-Aug-2017Meta-analysis of adjuvant therapy following curative surgery for periampullary adenocarcinomaAcharya, A; Markar, SR; Sodergren, MH; Malietzis, G; Darzi, A; Athanasiou, T; Khan, AZ
17-Nov-2017Meta-analysis of determinants of survival following treatment of recurrent hepatocellular carcinomaErridge, S; Pucher, PH; Markar, SR; Malietzis, G; Athanasiou, T; Darzi, A; Sodergren, MH; Jiao, LR
9-Mar-2017Multimodality treatment for esophageal adenocaricnoma: multi-center propensity-score matched study.Markar, SR; Noordman, BJ; Mackenzie, H; Findlay, JM; Boshier, PR; Ni, M; Steyerberg, EW; Van der Gaast, A; Hulshof, MC; Maynard, N; Van Berge Henegouwen, MI; Wijnhoven, BP; Reynolds, JV; Van Lanschot, JJ; Hanna, GB
30-Jan-2017Reply to A. Phillips et alMarkar, SR; Mackenzie, H; Lagergren, P; Hanna, GB; Lagergren, J
19-May-2016Research protocol for a diagnostic study of non-invasive exhaled breath analysis for the prediction of oesophago-gastric cancerMarkar, SR; Lagergren, J; Hanna, GB
2-Mar-2017Surgery during holiday periods and prognosis in oesophageal cancer: a population-based nationwide Swedish cohort studyMarkar, SR; Wahlin, K; Mattsson, F; Lagergren, P; Lagergren, J
24-May-2017Surgical proficiency gain and survival after esophagectomy for cancerMarkar, SR; Mackenzie, H; Lagergren, P; Hanna, GB; Lagergren, J
27-Apr-2017The psychological impact of symptoms related to esophagogastric cancer resection presenting in primary care: A national linked database studyBouras, G; Markar, SR; Burns, EM; Huddy, JR; Bottle, A; Athanasiou, T; Darzi, A; Hanna, GB