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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
4-May-2019A stakeholder approach to performance management in Botswana National sport organisations (Forthcoming/Available Online)0000-0001-8045-0279; 0000-0002-3721-5019; Kasale, Lobone; Winand, Mathieu; Morrow, Stephen
16-May-2017Changing boundaries and Evolving Organizational Forms in Football: Novelty and Variety among Scottish ClubsHeriot-Watt University; Andrew, Adams; Morrow, Stephen; Ian, Thomson
13-Sep-2016Continuity and change - The planning and management of long distance walking routes in ScotlandMorrow, Stephen
25-Oct-2016Developing the capacity of the Malaysian Sport Industry: A programme of capacity building researchSheffield Hallam University; Marketing and Retail Division; Robinson, Leigh; Jarvie, Grant; Gratton, Chris; Sparks, Leigh; Morrow, Stephen; Minikin, Brian
13-Apr-2019Elite sport policies and international sporting success: A panel data analysis of European women’s national football team performance (Forthcoming)Manchester Metropolitan University; 0000-0002-3721-5019; Valenti, Maurizio; Scelles, Nicolas; Morrow, Stephen
9-Jan-2018Explaining the Number of Social Media Fans for North American and European Professional Sports Clubs with Determinants of Their Financial Value0000-0002-6177-5307; 0000-0002-3721-5019; Scelles, Nicolas; Helleu, Boris; Durand, Christophe; Bonnal, Liliane; Morrow, Stephen
11-Sep-2017FIFA and the ugly side of the beautiful game0000-0002-3721-5019; Morrow, Stephen
13-Sep-2016Financial Fair Play - Implications for Football Club Financial ReportingMorrow, Stephen
24-Feb-2014Financial regulation of professional football in GhanaMorrow, Stephen; Robinson, Leigh; Baah-Nuakoh, Kwame A.
20-Jun-2017Football and finance in Scotland: a dream alliance in Gretna?Mellor, Gavin; Murphy, Patrick; Morrow, Stephen
9-Jan-2018Football Club Financial Reporting: Time for a New Model?Morrow, Stephen
27-Sep-2016Football clubs on the Stock Exchange: An inappropriate match? The case of Celtic plc0000-0002-3721-5019; Morrow, Stephen
30-Aug-2016Football financesGoddard, J; Sloane, P; Morrow, Stephen
31-Aug-2016Football Players as Human Assets Measurement as the Critical Factor in Asset Recognition: A Case Study InvestigationMorrow, Stephen
23-Jun-2017French DNCG management control versus UEFA Financial Fair Play: a divergent conception of financial regulation objectives (Forthcoming/Available Online)0000-0002-6177-5307; 0000-0002-3721-5019; Dermit-Richard, Nadine; Scelles, Nicolas; Morrow, Stephen
10-Sep-2016Impression management in football club financial reportingMorrow, Stephen
30-Aug-2016Measuring efficiency and productivity in professional football teams: Evidence from the English Premier LeaguePolytechnic University of Cartagena; Guzman, Isidoro; Morrow, Stephen
3-Nov-2016Modeling Performances and Competitive Balance in Professional Road CyclingVan Reeth, D; Larsen, DJ; Velo Club Dolois; 0000-0002-6177-5307; 0000-0002-3721-5019; Cabaud, Benjamin; Scelles, Nicolas; Francois, Aurelien; Morrow, Stephen
9-Jan-2018Power and logics in Scottish football: The financial collapse of Rangers FCMorrow, Stephen
10-Sep-2016Scottish Football: It's a Funny Old BusinessMorrow, Stephen