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27-May-2014A Feasibility and Exploratory Study of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Acute Coronary SyndromeShepherd, Ashley; Niven, Catherine; McKay, Janet A
5-May-2018A physical activity intervention in a Bingo club: Significance of the settingChief Scientist Office; Health Sciences Research - Stirling - LEGACY; NHS Health Scotland; 0000-0001-6672-7876; 0000-0002-2517-9399; 0000-0002-7687-4586; Evans, Josie; Connelly, Jenni; Jepson, Ruth; Gray, Cindy; Shepherd, Ashley; Mackison, Dionne
14-Sep-2014A Scottish study of heel-prick blood sampling in newborn babiesInstitute of Medical Genetics; Shepherd, Ashley; Glenesk, Ann; Niven, Catherine; Mackenzie, Joan
28-Sep-2016A visual skills inventory for children with neurological impairmentsMcCulloch, Daphne L; Mackie, Roisin T; Dutton, Gordon N; Bradnam, Michael S; Day, Ruth E; McDaid, Gillian J; Phillips, Sheelagh; Napier, A; Herbert, Andrew M; Saunders, Kathryn J; Shepherd, Ashley
11-Jul-2016Accessing and engaging women from socio-economically disadvantaged areas: A participatory approach to the design of a public health intervention for delivery in a Bingo clubScottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy; Evans, Josie; Ryde, Gemma; Jepson, Ruth; Gray, Cindy; Shepherd, Ashley; Mackison, Dionne; McMurdo, Marion E T; Ireland, Aileen; Williams, Brian
14-Oct-2008An action research inquiry exploring the transfer of pain knowledge from a continuing education course into practiceBrown, Sally A.; Shepherd, Ashley; School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health; Smith, Annetta
8-Jun-2017An evaluation of methods used to teach quality improvement to undergraduate healthcare students to inform curriculum development within preregistration nurse education: a protocol for systematic review and narrative synthesisHS Health - Stirling; Armstrong, Lorraine; Lauder, William; Shepherd, Ashley
11-Jul-2016An Evaluation of the Impact of Sight and Hearing Support Services: Western Isles Sensory ProjectSmith, A; Shepherd, A; Jepson, R; Smith, Annetta; Shepherd, Ashley; Jepson, Ruth
27-Sep-2018An exploration of how domains of quality of care relate to overall care experience (Forthcoming)0000-0002-7687-4586; Shepherd, Ashley; Beattie, Michelle; Cowie, Julie
14-Sep-2014Blood spot testing: Comparing techniques and automated devicesInstitute of Medical Genetics; Glenesk, Ann; Shepherd, Ashley; Niven, Catherine; Mackenzie, Joan
11-Apr-2018Catheter washout solutions for long-term urinary catheterisation in adults: A Cochrane Review Summary0000-0002-7687-4586; Shepherd, Ashley; Mackay, William G; Hagen, Suzanne
12-Sep-2014Childhood H. pylori: disappearing disease or chronic infection?Shepherd, Ashley; Malcolm, Cari; Mackay, William G; Weaver, Lawrence T
14-Sep-2014Comparison of an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Helicobacter pylori antigens in the faeces with the urea breath testScottish Universities Environmental Research Centre; Shepherd, Ashley; Williams, Craig L; Doherty, Conor P; Hossack, Margaret; Preston, Tom; Mccoll, Kenneth E L; Weaver, Lawrence T
12-Sep-2014Convective burn from use of hairdryer for heel warming prior to the heel prick test - a case reportRoyal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh; Ray, Robbie; Godwin, Yvette; Shepherd, Ashley
18-Sep-2016Development and preliminary psychometric properties of the Care Experience Feedback Improvement Tool (CEFIT)HS Post Qual - Highland; HS UG Regulated - Stirling; HS Health - Stirling; Edinburgh Napier University; Beattie, Michelle; Shepherd, Ashley; Lauder, William; Atherton, Iain; Cowie, Julie; Murphy, Douglas
14-May-2018Does the way in which the latent phase (early labour) was experienced affect the process, duration and outcome of labourShepherd, Ashley; Cheyne, Helen; HSE Dublin North East, Ireland; Cliffe, Karn
28-Apr-2016Emmetropisation following preterm birthUlster University; Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh; Saunders, Kathryn J; McCulloch, Daphne L; Shepherd, Ashley; Wilkinson, A Graham
22-Dec-2014Evaluating the impact of nursing and midwifery sensitive clinical quality indicators on practiceHS Research - Highland; HS UG Regulated - Stirling; Smith, Annetta; Shepherd, Ashley; Jessiman, Wendy C; Scott, Julia
8-Jun-2016Evaluation of protocol using gene capture and PCR for detection of Helicobacter pylori DNA in fecesMackay, William G; Williams, Craig L; McMillan, Martin; Ndip, Roland N; Shepherd, Ashley; Weaver, Lawrence T
9-Feb-2018Factors associated with health-related quality of life among patients with liver cirrhosis in EgyptCairo University; Youssef, Naglaa; Shepherd, Ashley; Evans, Josie