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29-Sep-2015Corrupted cultures in mental health inpatient settings. Is restraint reduction the answer?Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology; NHS Fife; HS UG Regulated - Stirling; Paterson, Brodie; McIntosh, Ian; Wilkinson, D; McComish, Alexander; Smith, Ivor
29-May-2017Delivery of alcohol brief interventions in community-based youth work settings: exploring feasibility and acceptability in a qualitative studySociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology; NHS Health Scotland; Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy; Stead, Martine; Parkes, Tessa; Nicoll, Avril; Wilson, Sarah; Burgess, Cheryl; Eadie, Douglas; Fitzgerald, Niamh; McKell, Jennifer; Reid, Garth; Jepson, Ruth; McAteer, John; Bauld, Linda
23-Sep-2017Enabling frail older people with a communication difficulty to express their views: the use of Talking Mats (TM) as an interview toolApplied Social Science; Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology; HS Research - Highland; Murphy, Joan; Tester, Susan; Hubbard, Gill; Downs, Murna
15-Sep-2014Mental Health Policy Making in England in the Risk Society. A Political Discourse AnalysisSociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Paterson, Brodie; McComish, Alexander; McIntosh, Ian; Mason, Tom
11-Oct-2017Parental socioeconomic influences on filial educational outcomes in Scotland: patterns of school-level educational performance using administrative dataSociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Health Sciences; Playford, Chris; Gayle, Vernon; Connelly, Roxanne; Murray, Susan
22-Apr-2015Pre-teens Learning about Alcohol: Drinking and Family ContextsSociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Eadie, Douglas; MacAskill, Susan; Brooks, Oona; Heim, Derek; Forsyth, Alasdair; Punch, Samantha
26-Aug-2017Public awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer in England in 2015: a population-based surveySociology/Social Pol&Criminology; Institute for Therapies Research; Buykx, Penny; Li, Jessica; Gavens, Lucy; Hooper, Lucie; Lovatt, Melanie; Gomes, de Matos Elena; Meier, Petra; Holmes, John
17-May-2017Risk and protective factors for suicide and suicidal behaviour: a literature reviewScottish Development Centre for Mental Health; Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology; McLean, Joanne; Maxwell, Margaret; Platt, Stephen; Harris, Fiona Margaret; Jepson, Ruth