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17-Oct-2018Construct truncation due to suboptimal person and item selection: consequences and potential solutionsJohnson, Wendy; Starr, John; Deary, Ian; Murray, Aja Louise
27-Apr-2012Determinants and correlates of intra-individual variability in reaction timeStarr, John; Deary, Ian; Der, Geoff; Dykiert, Dominika
3-Oct-2011Determinants of functional decline in community-dwelling older adultsDeary, Ian; Starr, John; Fieo, Robert Anthony
17-Jun-2016Exploring the changing multidimensional experiences of frail older people towards the end of life: a narrative studyMurray, Scott; Kendall, Marilyn; Starr, John; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Lloyd, Anna Elizabeth
9-Sep-2013In how many ways can one age successfully? Patterns of wellbeing in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936Starr, John; Deary, Ian; Johnson, Wendy; Zammit, Andrea Rose
7-May-2014Integrated investigation of dementia risk factors : insights from geography, record linkage, and individual participant meta-analysisStarr, John; Batty, David; Alzheimer Scotland; Russ, Thomas Charles
15-Jan-2018Investigating the short term memory visual binding impairment in Alzheimer’s DiseaseAbrahams, Sharon; Della Sala, Sergio; Starr, John; Killin, Lewis Oliver Jack
12-Jan-2018Multidimensional apathy in neurodegenerative diseaseAbrahams, Sharon; Starr, John; Radakovic, Ratko
24-Aug-2016Non-parametric item response theory applications in the assessment of dementiaAustin, Elizabeth; Shenkin, Susan; Starr, John; McGrory, Sarah
26-Feb-2016Sarcopenia and cognitive ageing: investigating their interrelationship, biological correlates and the role of glucocorticoidsStarr, John; Walker, Brian; MacLullich, Alasdair; Kilgour, Alexandra Helen Middleton