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7-Jun-2017A systems oncology approach identifies NT5E as a key metabolic regulator in tumor cells and modulator of platinum sensitivityBrain Tumour Research Campaign; Nevedomskaya, E; Perryman, R; Solanki, S; Syed, N; Mayboroda, OA; Keun, HC
29-Jul-2016DUSP16 is an epigenetically regulated determinant of JNK signalling in Burkitt's lymphomaLee, S; Syed, N; Taylor, J; Smith, P; Griffin, B; Baens, M; Bai, M; Bourantas, K; Stebbing, J; Naresh, K; Nelson, M; Tuthill, M; Bower, M; Hatzimichael, E; Crook, T
10-Mar-2017Global Proteome and Phospho-proteome Analysis of Merlin-deficient Meningioma and Schwannoma Identifies PDLIM2 as a Novel Therapeutic TargetBassiri, K; Ferluga, S; Sharma, V; Syed, N; Adams, CL; Lasonder, E; Hanemann, CO
29-Oct-2015Methylation of the calcium channel regulatory subunit alpha 2 delta-3 (CACNA2D3) predicts site-specific relapse in oestrogen receptor-positive primary breast carcinomasPalmieri, C; Rudraraju, B; Monteverde, M; Lattanzio, L; Gojis, O; Brizio, R; Garrone, O; Merlano, M; Syed, N; Lo Nigro, C; Crook, T
29-Oct-2015NT5E CpG island methylation is a favourable breast cancer biomarkerLo Nigro, C; Monteverde, M; Lee, S; Lattanzio, L; Vivenza, D; Comino, A; Syed, N; McHugh, A; Wang, H; Proby, C; Garrone, O; Merlano, M; Hatzimichael, E; Briasoulis, E; Gojis, O; Palmieri, C; Jordan, L; Quinlan, P; Thompson, A; Crook, T
29-Jul-2016The collagen prolyl hydroxylases are novel transcriptionally silenced genes in lymphomaHatzimichael, E; Lo Nigro, C; Lattanzio, L; Syed, N; Shah, R; Dasoula, A; Janczar, K; Vivenza, D; Monteverde, M; Merlano, M; Papoudou-Bai, A; Bai, M; Schmid, P; Stebbing, J; Bower, M; Dyer, MJS; Karran, LE; ElguetaKarstegl, C; Farrell, PJ; Thompson, A; Briasoulis, E; Crook, T