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15-Sep-2014A hard pill to swallow: a qualitative study of women’s experiences of adjuvant endocrine therapy for breast cancerNHS Tayside; NHS Tayside; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Harrow, Alison; Dryden, Ruth; McCowan, Colin; Radley, Andrew; Parsons, Mark; Thompson, Alastair; Wells, Mary
9-Nov-2018A scoping review of trials of interventions led or delivered by cancer nursesEuropean Cancer Organisation (ECCO); European Oncology Nursing Society; Cyprus University of Technology; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Uppsala University; Erasmus MC Rotterdam; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Karolinska Institutet; Charles University in Prague; Karlstad University; Karlstad University; NHS Lanarkshire; 0000-0003-4050-031X; 0000-0002-3883-2502; 0000-0001-6855-6505; 0000-0003-2583-4733; 0000-0002-7691-0719; 0000-0003-0417-6161; 0000-0002-0944-5650; Charalambous, Andreas; Wells, Mary; Campbell, Pauline; Torrens, Claire; Östlund, Ulrika; Oldenmenger, Wendy; Patiraki, Elisabeth; Sharp, Lena; Nohavova, Iveta; Domenech-Climent, Nuria; Eicher, Manuela; Farrell, Carole; Larsson, Maria; Olsson, Cecilia; Simpson, Mhairi
25-Dec-2016Billions are spent on clinical research that gets ignored – here’s the answerHealth Sciences Research - Stirling - LEGACY; 0000-0001-6146-101X; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Grant, Aileen; Wells, Mary; Treweek, Shaun
14-Sep-2014Cancer diagnosis: An opportune time to help patients and their families stop smoking?Ozakinci, Gozde; Wells, Mary; Williams, Brian; Munro, Alastair J; Donnelly, Peter D
9-Aug-2016Development and feasibility of a Swallowing intervention Package (SiP) for patients receiving radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer - the SiP study protocolChief Scientist Office; NMAHP; NMAHP; NHS Lothian; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Trust; NMAHP; Strathcarron Hospice; NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; NHS Forth Valley; NHS Tayside; NHS Fife; The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust; 0000-0001-5789-2773; 0000-0003-3611-9647; 0000-0003-3462-6960; 0000-0002-4653-1283; Wells, Mary; King, Emma; Toft, Kate; MacAulay, Fiona; Patterson, Joanne; Dougall, Nadine; Hulbert-Williams, Nick; Boa, Sally; Slaven, Eleanor; Cowie, Julie; McGarva, John; Niblock, Patricia Gail; Philp, Julie; Roe, Justin
11-Apr-2018Development of the cancer-related loneliness assessment tool: Using the findings of a qualitative analysis to generate questionnaire itemsCunningham, Kathryn B; Kroll, Thilo; Wells, Mary
10-Jun-2017Distress, concerns and unmet needs in survivors of head and neck cancer: A cross-sectional surveyNHS Fife; NHS Tayside; NHS Forth Valley; Wells, Mary; Cunningham, Margaret; Lang, Heidi; Swartzman, Samantha; Philp, Julie; Taylor, Lesley; Thomson, Jane
10-Apr-2019Feasibility and outcomes of Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing following prophylactic swallowing rehabilitation in head and neck cancer (Forthcoming/Available Online)CSO Chief Scientist Office; Newcastle University; NHS Lothian; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; NMAHP; NHS Lothian; Imperial College London; Imperial College London; 0000-0003-3611-9647; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Patterson, Joanne M; Toft, Katherine; McAuley, F; King, Emma; McLachlan, K; Roe, Justin W G; Wells, Mary
13-Apr-2018From an illusion of certainty into a reality of uncertainty: A longitudinal qualitative study of how people affected by laryngeal cancer use information over timeHealth Sciences; HS Research - Highland; Western General Hospital; Taylor, Anne; Wells, Mary; Hubbard, Gill; Worth, A
31-Jan-2018Health professionals' views of the feasibility and acceptability of an oral care diary by patients during chemotherapyHealth Sciences; Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary; Ninewells Hospital & Medical School; NHS Forth Valley; Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary; Miller, Morven; Taylor, Anne; Wells, Mary; Roe, Lorna; Hagen, Suzanne; Parson, Felicity; Newlands, Lesley; Galbraith, Fiona; Paterson, Gaye; Kearney, Nora
16-Mar-2015How patients’ feedback was used to redesign a head and neck serviceNHS Tayside; Taylor, Lesley; Tooman, Tricia; Wells, Mary
23-Oct-2015Intervention description is not enough: evidence from an in-depth multiple case study on the untold role and impact of context in randomised controlled trials of seven complex interventionsWells, Mary; Williams, Brian; Treweek, Shaun; Coyle, Joanne; Taylor, Julie
15-Sep-2014Obesity and lifestyle advice in colorectal cancer survivors - how well are clinicians prepared?Anderson, Annie S; Caswell, Stephen; Wells, Mary; Steele, Robert
23-Mar-2016Optimisation of complex health interventions prior to a randomised controlled trial: a scoping review of strategies usedNMAHP; NMAHP; 0000-0003-3462-6960; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Levati, Sara; Campbell, Pauline; Frost, Rachael; Dougall, Nadine; Wells, Mary; Donaldson, Cam; Hagen, Suzanne
22-Dec-2017Paradigm shift in head and neck oncology patient management (Letter)VU University Amsterdam; van, den Heuvell Chiquit van Linden; van, Zuuren Florence; Wells, Mary; van, der Laan Geert; Reintsema, Harry
4-Jun-2016Predictors of quality of life in head and neck cancer survivors up to 5 years after end of treatment: a cross-sectional surveyMacmillan Cancer Support; NMAHP; Psychology; NHS Tayside; NHS Forth Valley; NHS Fife; 0000-0001-5789-2773; 0000-0002-5850-9825; Wells, Mary; Swartzman, Samantha; Lang, Heidi; Cunningham, Margaret; Taylor, Lesley; Thomson, Jane; Philp, Julie; McCowan, Colin
1-Sep-2017Qualitative analysis of 6961 free-text comments from the first National Cancer Patient Experience Survey in ScotlandScottish Government; Macmillan Cancer Support; NMAHP; NMAHP; 0000-0002-5850-9825; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Cunningham, Maggie; Wells, Mary
15-Jan-2018Recognizing European cancer nursing: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of the evidence of effectiveness and value of cancer nursingEuropean Oncology Nursing Society; European Cancer Organisation; Cardiff University; Cyprus University of Technology; Charles University in Prague; Uppsala University; Macmillan Cancer Support; RCC Stockholm-Gotland; The Royal Marsden Hospital; Erasmus University, Rotterdam; NMAHP; 0000-0002-3883-2502; 0000-0001-5789-2773; Campbell, Pauline; Torrens, Claire; Kelly, Daniel; Charalambous, Andreas; Domenech-Climent, Nuria; Nohavova, Iveta; Östlund, Ulrika; Patiraki, Elisabeth; Salisbury, David; Sharp, Lena; Wiseman, Theresa; Oldenmenger, Wendy; Wells, Mary
21-Nov-2016Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015/16: Analysis of Free-text CommentsCunningham, Margaret; Wells, Mary
22-Oct-2015Supporting 'work-related goals' rather than 'return to work' after cancer? A systematic review and meta-synthesis of 25 qualitative studiesWells, Mary; Williams, Brian; Firnigl, Danielle; Lang, Heidi; Coyle, Joanne; Kroll, Thilo; MacGillivray, Steve