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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
4-Sep-2014Dead Science: The Curious Relationship between Spiritualism and ScienceWokeck, Marianne Sophia; Vanderstel, David G.; Kelly, Jason M.; Fivecoat, Douglas Keith
4-Sep-2014Education and the Perception of Equality: Defining Equality through the Establishment of Public School Systems in Indiana and Ontario, 1787-1852Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Cutler, Kenneth W.; Scarpino, Philip V.; Shipps, Jan B.; Baer, M. Teresa
31-Mar-2015Festive expressions of ethnicity : national German-American festivals in Indianapolis at the turn of the twentieth centuryWokeck, Marianne Sophia; Robertson, Nancy Marie, 1956-; Hoyt, Giles R.; Rippel, Elena Marie
16-Mar-2012How America Remembers: Analysis of the Academic Interpretation and Public Memory of the Battle of TippecanoeScarpino, Philip V.; Labode, Modupe; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Abercrombie, Brent S.
16-Nov-2012"Look West," Says the Post: The Promotion of the American Far West in the 1920s Saturday Evening PostLabode, Modupe; Scarpino, Philip V.; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Keen, Rusti Leigh
1-Feb-2010NATIVISM AND THE DECLINE IN CIVIL LIBERTIES: REACTIONS OF WHITE AMERICA TOWARD THE JAPANESE IMMIGRANTS, 1885-1945Snodgrass, Michael; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Cramer, Kevin; O'Neal, Jonathon P.
2009Olfactory Approaches to Historical Study: The Smells of Chicago's Stockyard Jungle, 1900-1910Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; McNulty, Christine
7-Jul-2014Samuel Parris: minister at Salem VillageWokeck, Marianne Sophia; Morgan, Anita A.; Scarpino, Philip V.; Baker, Melinda Marie
3-Sep-2014Scholarly Edition of the Grand Tour Diaries of Frederick Douglass and Helen Pitts DouglassMcKivigan, John R.; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Eller, Johnathan R.; Emerson, Mark G.
2009Shillelaghs, Shovels, and Secrets: Irish Immigrant Secret Societies and the Building of Indiana Internal Improvements, 1835-1837Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Kelly, Jason M.; Morgan, Anita J.; Perry, Jay Martin
6-Nov-2013The 1901 Fort Wayne, Indiana City Election: A Political Dialogue of Ethnic TensionWokeck, Marianne Sophia; Snodgrass, Michael; Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Brown, Nancy Eileen
2007The Impact of Caleb Mills on the Hoosier Education Debate: An Edition of Two Unpublished AddressesWokeck, Marianne Sophia; Natali, Bethany L. (Bethany Leigh)
3-Sep-2014The Irish Catholic Community of Indianapolis, 1860-1890Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Vanderstel, David G.; Lindseth, Erik L.; Wilson, V. Danielle
2009The Nottingham Settlement, a North Carolina Backcountry CommunityMonroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Lindseth, Erik L.; Adams, Wendy Lynn