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25-Aug-2016An abundant supply of amino acids enhances the metabolic effect of exercise on muscle proteinBiolo, Gianni; Tipton, Kevin; Klein, Samuel; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016An oral essential amino acid-carbohydrate supplement enhances muscle protein anabolism after resistance exerciseRasmussen, Blake B; Tipton, Kevin; Miller, Sharon L; Wolf, Steven E; Wolfe, Robert R
25-Aug-2016Dietary protein intake impacts human skeletal muscle protein fractional synthetic rates after endurance exerciseNorthern Ontario School of Medicine; Bolster, Douglas R; Pikosky, Matthew A; Gaine, P Courtney; Martin, William; Wolfe, Robert R; Tipton, Kevin; Maclean, David; Maresh, Carl M; Rodriguez, Nancy R
26-Aug-2016Effect of carbohydrate intake on net muscle protein synthesis during recovery from resistance exerciseBorsheim, Elisabet; Cree, Melanie G; Tipton, Kevin; Elliott, Tabatha A; Aarsland, Asle A; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Essential amino acids and muscle protein recovery from resistance exerciseBorsheim, Elisabet; Tipton, Kevin; Wolf, Steven E; Wolfe, Robert R
10-Sep-2016Essential Amino Acids for Muscle Protein AccretionFerrando, Arny A; Tipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R
25-Aug-2016Exercise, protein metabolism, and muscle growthTipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Exercise-induced changes in protein metabolismTipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Incidence of associated events during the performance of invasive procedures in healthy human volunteersHighstead, R Grant; Tipton, Kevin; Creson, Daniel L; Wolfe, Robert R; Ferrando, Arny A
18-Jan-2018Increased net muscle protein balance in response to simultaneous and separate ingestion of carbohydrate and essential amino acids following resistance exerciseWitard, Oliver; Cocke, Tara L; Ferrando, Arny A; Wolfe, Robert R; Tipton, Kevin
26-Aug-2016Increased rates of muscle protein turnover and amino acid transport after resistance exercise in humansBiolo, Gianni; Maggi, Sergio P; Williams, Bradley D; Tipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Independent and combined effects of amino acids and glucose after resistance exerciseMiller, Sharon L; Tipton, Kevin; Chinkes, David L; Wolf, Steven E; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Ingestion of casein and whey proteins result in muscle anabolism after resistance exerciseTipton, Kevin; Elliott, Tabatha A; Cree, Melanie G; Wolf, Steven E; Sanford, Arthur P; Wolfe, Robert R
25-Aug-2016Leg glucose and protein metabolism during an acute bout of resistance exercise in humansDurham, William J; Miller, Sharon L; Yeckel, Catherine W; Chinkes, David L; Tipton, Kevin; Rasmussen, Blake B; Wolfe, Robert R
26-Aug-2016Mixed muscle protein synthesis and breakdown after resistance exercise in humansPhillips, Stuart M; Tipton, Kevin; Aarsland, Asle A; Wolf, Steven E; Wolfe, Robert R
25-Aug-2016Protein and amino acids for athletesTipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R
11-Sep-2016Resistance exercise maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during bed restNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Ferrando, Arny A; Tipton, Kevin; Bamman, Marcas M; Wolfe, Robert R
11-Sep-2016Resistance training reduces the acute exercise-induced increase in muscle protein turnoverPhillips, Stuart M; Tipton, Kevin; Ferrando, Arny A; Wolfe, Robert R
11-Sep-2016Stimulation of net muscle protein synthesis by whey protein ingestion before and after exerciseTipton, Kevin; Elliott, Tabatha A; Cree, Melanie G; Aarsland, Asle A; Sanford, Arthur P; Wolfe, Robert R
29-Aug-2016Testosterone administration to older men improves muscle function: molecular and physiological mechanismsFerrando, Arny A; Sheffield-Moore, Melinda; Yeckel, Catherine W; Gilkison, Charles R; Jiang, Jie; Achacosa, Alison; Lieberman, Steven A; Tipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R; Urban, Randall J