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29-Mar-2017A comparison of customised and prefabricated insoles to reduce risk factors for neuropathic diabetic foot ulceration: a participant-blinded randomised controlled trial.Paton, JS; Stenhouse, EA; Bruce, G; Zahra, D; Jones, RB
12-Jan-2019A novel, integrated curriculum for dental hygiene-therapists and dentistsMcIlwaine, C; Brookes, ZLS; Zahra, D; Ali, K; Zaric, S; Jones, G; Belfield, LA
15-Feb-2017Academic performance of undergraduate dental students with learning disabilitiesAli, K; Zahra, D; Coelho, C; Jones, G; Tredwin, C
1-Jul-2016Accounting for test reliability in student progression: the reliable change indexZahra, D; Hedge, C; Pesola, F; Burr, S
26-Nov-2018Analysis of question text properties for equality monitoring.Zahra, D; Burr, SA
30-Nov-2017Angoff anchor statements: setting a flawed gold standard?Burr, SA; Zahra, D; Cookson, J; Salih, VM; Gabe-Thomas, E; Robinson, IM
20-Sep-2016Application of Rasch analysis in the development and psychometric evaluation of dental undergraduates preparedness assessment scaleAli, K; Slade, A; Kay, E; Zahra, D; Chatterjee, A; Tredwin, C
6-Sep-2016Comparison of graduate-entry and direct school leaver student performance on an applied dental knowledge testAli, K; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C
20-Aug-2016Comparison of Graduate-entry and Direct School Leaver Student Performance on an Applied Dental Knowledge TestAli, K; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C
6-Dec-2017Correlations Between Final-Year Dental Students’ Performance on Knowledge-Based and Clinical ExaminationsAli, K; Jerreat, M; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C
10-Sep-2018Discrimination, harassment and non-reporting in UK medical educationBroad, J; Matheson, M; Verrall, F; Taylor, AK; Zahra, D; Alldridge, L; Feder, G
1-Jul-2016Emotional logic development profiles – validating the benefits and safety of emotional logic trainingZahra, D; Langsford, M; Griffiths, T
15-Feb-2017Impact of early clinical exposure on the learning experience of undergraduate dental studentsAli, K; Zahra, D; McColl, E; Salih, V; Tredwin, C
9-Nov-2018Impact of Progress testing on the learning experiences of students in medicine, dentistry and dental therapyAli, K; Cockerill, J; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C; Ferguson, C
23-May-2017Preparedness of undergraduate dental students in the United Kingdom: a national studyAli, K; Slade, A; Kay, E; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C
22-May-2017Rigour in moderation processes is more important than the choice of methodZahra, D; Robinson, I; Roberts, M; Coombes, L; Cockerill, J; Burr, S
10-Sep-2018Self-perceived preparedness of final year dental students in a developing country-A multi-institution study.Ali, K; Cockerill, J; Zahra, D; Qazi, HS; Raja, U; Ataullah, K
11-Oct-2018The benefits of integrating dental and dental therapy and hygiene students in undergraduate curricula.Zahra, D; Belfield, L; Bennett, J; Zaric, S; Mcilwaine, C
1-Jul-2016Twelve tips for assessment psychometrics.Coombes, L; Roberts, M; Zahra, D; Burr, S
2-Feb-2018Use of Progress Testing in a UK Dental Therapy and Hygiene Educational ProgramAli, K; Zahra, D; Tredwin, C; Mcilwaine, C; Jones, G