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1958A study of the complications of insulin shock therapy (I.S.T.) of schizophrenia with special reference to the role of the liverYap, Meow-foo.; 葉茂敷
1958On plasma fibrinolytic activity in cryptogenetic splenomegalyKwaan, Hau-cheong.; 關孝昌
1959Certain aspects of metabolism in primary carcinoma of the liverYeung, Tse Tse, Rosie.; 楊紫芝
1960A study of goitres among Chinese in Hong KongChoa, Gerald Hugh
1961The influence of the outflow of the Pearl River on the waters of the South China Sea: with special reference tothe phosphate and nitrate content周耀岐; Chau, Yiu-kee.
1963Growth and skeletal maturation of Chinese children in Hong Kong劉永楨; Low, Weng-djin.
1965Some effects of morphine and hydrocortisone on glucose utilization in rat diaphragm彭李瓊華; Peng Lee, Chung-hua.
1965A hospital survey of cardiovascular disease in the Chinese: with special reference to coronary arterydisease.Barnes, Robert Joseph.
1966Ichthyosarcotoxins in fishes of the Pacific Ocean: with special reference to the mechanism of actionLi, Kwan-ming.; 李冠民.
1966An epidemiological study on narcotic addiction in Hong KongLau, Man-pang; 劉文鵬
1967A serological study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with its relation to hospital infection張陳靜嫻; Teoh Chan, Ching-haan.
1967Effects of morphine and adrenal hormones on glucose uptake of the isolated rat diaphragm in presence of varying magnesium ionconcentration潘美芸; Poon, Mae-wan, Vivian.
1967Immunological studies in clonorchiasis, with reference to the life cycle of Clonorchis sinensis in the definitive host孫捷; Sun, Tsieh.
1967A histochemical study of normal and abnormal bile ducts周湘濤; Chou, Sheung-to.
1967A study of the effects of morphine in relation to adrenal hormone activity伍慕梨; Ng, Mo-lay.
1967Fractures of the neck of the femur in children; based on a study of a series of sixty cases over a period of six yearsLam, Sim-fook.; 藍新福
1968Studies in adolescent behaviour and culture patterns in Hong Kong鍾郁君.; Chung, Yu-juen, Betty Jamie.
1968The effects of prolonged infusion of noradrenaline on the body weight and oxygen consumption of albino ratsWang, Chi-ching, James; 王紀慶
1968Studies on the developmental and regenerative histology of the tail ofHemidactylus bowringi (Gray)廖獻貞; Liu, Hin-ching.
1969Physical growth and development of southern Chinese children in Hong Kong劉永楨; Low, Weng-djin.