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1969Changes in sensitivity of muscle to calcium as a result of chronic morphinization方毓英; Fong, Yuk-ying, Louise
1969Studies on the mechanism of the hypotensive effect of Eucommia ulmoides OliverChan, Ya-fong, Betty.; 程雅芳
1969Alkaloids of the medicinal plant Melodinus suaveolens (Apocynaceae): an inquiry into their actions in mammalianand microbial systems.歐國城; Au, Kwok-shing.
1970Rote memorization or concept learning: studies in some factors affecting methods of learning.Hoosain, R.
1970Studies in the visual perception of motion: an investigation of individual differences in the visual perceptionof motion on the basis of observed differences in visuo-motorperformance.Sevink, Chrisjan Agur.
1970An experimental study on the fasting ketosis in pregnant rats, with special reference to the influence of progesterone on carbohydratemetabolism during pregnancyYang, Mei-po, Mabel.; 楊美博
1970Changing in potassium sensitivity in muscle of chronically morphinizedratsWong, Siu-chun, Susanna.; 黃笑椿
1970Studies on the hepatic micro-circulationHo, Suet-lee, Margaret.; 何雪莉
1970A study on the mechanism of acute pulmonary oedema陳灝光; Chan, Ho-kwong.
1970Some effects of hypophsectomy on cold exposed ratsChiu, Ta-jen, Daryl.; 裘大任
1971The isolation and purification of alkaloids from Melodinussuaveolens (Apocynaceae) and their effects on tissues and enzymesystems黎趣成.; Lai, Chue-sing, Michael.
1971Parental attitudes, test anxiety and achievement motivation: a study of fifth and sixth grade children.李陳瓊芬; Li Chen, King-fun, Anita.
1971The use of amnioscopy and foetal blood sampling in the diagnosis of foetal distressLee, Kin-hung.; 李健鴻
1972Perception of self and vocational aim徐麗泰.; Hsu, Lai-tai, Rita.
1972Reflections of bilingual experience in measures of cognitivestructureMcCoy, Mildred
1972A study of fructose-1, 6-diphosphatase: some properties including ascorbate inhibition.李蘊盈; Lam, Wan-ying.
1972A study of the renin-angiotensin system in chronic renal failure in manYu, Yue-hong, Richard.; 余宇康
1972A prognostic study of narcotic addictionSinger, Karam
1973The specific adsorption effect of DEAE A50 Sephadex on blood coagulation factors and its application in the study of the bloodclotting mechanism黎鴻荃; Lai, Hung-cheun.
1973Studies on the haemodynamics of adrenaline pulmonary oedema in dogs鄭寶剛; Cheng, Po-kong, Constant.