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Title: Studies on the fungal microflora of the environment of the allergic patient
Authors: Lloyd, Margaret Melody
subject: fungi
mycological pathology
Year: 6-Sep-2016
Publisher: The University of Edinburgh
Description: The entrance into and retention of fungal elements within the respiratory tract of man and other animals was examined by culturing nasal blowings, nasal swabs, sputum, bronchoscopy specimens and lung tissue. The dominant fungi isolated were Penicillim spp. and Aspergillus spp. A size effect was demonstrated in the sistribution of spores. Lung tissue from patients suffering with respiratory disease contained many fungi, whereas the lungs of those patients dying from diseases other than respiratory did not produce fungi or culture.;Other;PhD Doctor of Philosophy;Annexe Thesis Digitisation Project
Type Of Material: Thesis or Dissertation
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