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Title: Psychological Resilience After Disaster. New York City in the Aftermath of the September 11th Terrorist Attack
Authors: Ann Arbor;Bonanno, George A.;Galea, Sandro;Bucciarelli, Angela;Vlahov, David
Year: 27-Jul-2006
place: Epidemiology, Department of
Description: ABSTRACT—Research on adult reactions to potentially traumatic events has focused almost exclusively on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although there has been relatively little research on the absence of trauma symptoms, the available evidence suggests that resilience following such events may be more prevalent than previously believed. This study examined the prevalence of resilience, defined as having either no PTSD symptoms or one symptom, among a large (n 5 2,752) probability sample of New York area residents during the 6 months following the September 11th terrorist attack. Although many respondents met criteria for PTSD, particularly when exposure was high, resilience was observed in 65.1% of the sample. Resilience was less prevalent among more highly exposed individuals, but the frequency of resilience never fell below one third even among the exposure groups with the most dramatic elevations in PTSD.
Type Of Material: Article
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