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17-Oct-2018Organophosphorus compounds as fluorescent probes for cell imagingSánchez Cid, Antonio Alberto
14-Nov-2018The role of POLG mutations in human diseaseAnagnostou, Maria-Eleni.
24-Jan-2019Rethinking rural transitions :a case of Bozcaada TurkeyOkumus, Duygu
19-Oct-2018The role of religion and secularism in the legalisation of assisted suicide in multicultural English societyMadan, Anita
16-Jan-2019The syntax of temporal and conditional adverbial clauses in Najdi ArabicAlshammari, Ahmad Radi H.
14-Nov-2018Chromosome organisation and segregation during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisRoberts, David Michael
18-Oct-2018A systems biology approach to investigate the role of peroxiredoxins in responses to hydrogen peroxideTomalin, Lewis Elwood
22-Mar-2019The development and evaluation of small molecule inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 interactionLiu, Junfeng
17-Oct-2018Probabilistic bounded reachability for stochastic hybrid systemsShmarov, Fedor
18-Apr-2019Computational methods for and applications of high-performance computing in flood simulationSmith, Luke Samuel
25-Jan-2019Designing technology to promote play between parents and their infant childrenMarshall, Kevin
9-Oct-2018Framing university small group talk : knowledge construction through lexical conceptsPan, Yun
7-Jan-2019Power efficient, event driven data acquisition and processing using asynchronous techniquesOgweno, Austin Juma
3-May-2019Species wide analysis of Escherichia coli identifies a negative regulatory input that controls flhDC transcriptionAlmashta, Senan Abdullatif Muhammad
8-Nov-2018The role of intelligent systems in traditional courtyard houses in Baghdad, IraqAgha, Rand Hazim Mahmood
5-Feb-2019Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into corneal epithelial like cellsBinti Kamarudin, Taty Anna
18-Oct-2018a Preparation of functional polyHIPE polymers for agro-process and bio-process applicationsThumbarathy, Deepashree
19-Feb-2019a Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into inner ear cellsJeong, Minjin
9-Nov-2018a Investigation of glycine transporter GLYT1 in tumour cell proliferationGarcia Bierhals, Christine
25-Feb-2019Investigating micropollutant removal in sustainable biological wastewater systemsKomolafe, Oladapo Opemido

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