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30-Oct-2007Implicit Theories and Their Role in Judgments and Reactions: A Word From Two PerspectivesDweck, CS; Chiu, CY; Hong, YY
23-Mar-2007Screening for Chinese children with dyslexia in Hong Kong: The use of the teachers' behaviour checklistChan, DW; Lee, SH; Chung, KKH; Ho, CSH; Tsang, SM
23-Mar-2007A 'Radical' Approach to Reading Development in Chinese: The Role of Semantic Radicals and Phonetic RadicalsHo, CSH; Ng, TT; Ng, WK
30-Oct-2007Active control with an isoluminant displayLi, L; Stone, LS; Sweet, BT
23-Mar-2007Production benefits of childhood overhearingAu, TKF; Knightly, LM; Oh, JS; Jun, SA
23-Mar-2007A commentary to Barth's Anthropology of knowledge: CommentsChiu, CY
30-Oct-2007Word learning deficit among Chinese dyslexic childrenHo, CSH; Chan, DW; Tsang, SM; Chung, KKH; Lee, SH
30-Oct-2007Facilities and HIV Prevention in Bathhouse and Sex Club EnvironmentsWoods, WJ; Binson, D; Mayne, TJ; Gore, LR; Rebchook, GM
23-Mar-2007Mechanism independence for texture-modulation detection is consistent with a filter-rectify-filter mechanismKingdom, FAA; Prins, N; Hayes, A
23-Mar-2007A comparison of Australian and Chinese teachers' attributions for student problem behaviorsHo, IT
23-Mar-2007Effective Use of Hanyu Pinyin and English Translations as Extra Stimulus Prompts on Learning of Chinese CharactersChung, KKH
30-Oct-2007Implicit Theories: Elaboration and Extension of the ModelDweck, CS; Chiu, CY; Hong, YY
30-Oct-2007The role of family physicians in suicide preventionLi, FWS
30-Oct-2007Activation of Themes During Narrative ReadingHoosain, R; Zhang, H
2006The interaction of motion and form in the perception of global structure: a glass-pattern studyOr, Chun-fai, Charles.; 柯駿輝.
10-Jan-2007Freud's China connectionBlowers, GH
8-Mar-2007Changes in construals of tic-producing situations following cognitive and behavioral therapyBlowers, GH; Gareau, D; O'Connor, KP
11-Jan-2007Crossing borders: Edipus in Asia and the resistance to psychoanalysisBlowers, GH
23-Mar-2007Review of P.Kitcher, "Freud's dream: a complete interdisciplinary science of the mind"Blowers, GH
23-Mar-2007Facial emotion recognition after subcortical cerebrovascular diseasesCheung, C; Lee, TMC; Li, L