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Title: An imaging dataset of cervical cells using scanning near-field optical microscopy coupled to an infrared free electron laser
Authors: British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology;Imperial College Healthcare Charity;Genesis Research Trust;Imperial College Healthcare Charity;Halliwell, DE;Morais, CLM;Lima, KMG;Trevisan, J;Siggel-King, MRF;Craig, T;Ingham, J;Martin, DS;Heys, K;Kyrgiou, M;Mitra, A;Paraskevaidis, E;Theophilou, G;Martin-Hirsch, PL;Cricenti, A;Luce, M;Weightman, P;Martin, FL
subject: Science & Technology
Multidisciplinary Sciences
Science & Technology - Other Topics
Year: 9-Oct-2017
place: Medical Research Council (MRC)
Description: Using a scanning near-field optical microscope coupled to an infrared free electron laser (SNOM-IR-FEL) in low-resolution transmission mode, we collected chemical data from whole cervical cells obtained from 5 pre-menopausal, non-pregnant women of reproductive age, and cytologically classified as normal or with different grades of cervical cell dyskaryosis. Imaging data are complemented by demography. All samples were collected before any treatment. Spectra were also collected using attenuated total reflection, Fourier-transform (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy, to investigate the differences between the two techniques. Results of this pilot study suggests SNOM-IR-FEL may be able to distinguish cervical abnormalities based upon changes in the chemical profiles for each grade of dyskaryosis at designated wavelengths associated with DNA, Amide I/II, and lipids. The novel data sets are the first collected using SNOM-IR-FEL in transmission mode at the ALICE facility (UK), and obtained using whole cells as opposed to tissue sections, thus providing an ‘intact’ chemical profile. These data sets are suited to complementing future work on image analysis, and/or applying the newly developed algorithm to other datasets collected using the SNOM-IR-FEL approach.
URI: http://localhost/handle/Hannan/32347
Standard no: 2052-4463
Type Of Material: Article
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