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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
12-May-2011Adolescent diet and risk of breast cancerFrazier, A. Lindsay; Ryan, Catherine Tomeo; Rockett, Helaine; Willett, Walter C.; Colditz, Graham A.
4-May-2018Garlic for peripheral arterial occlusive disease (Review)Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Jepson, Ruth; Kleijnen, Jos; Leng, Gillian C
30-Aug-2016The Business of Football: Image Management in Narrative CommunicationMorrow, Stephen
5-Mar-2019The UCB particle monitor: A tool for logging frequency of smoking and the intensity of second-hand smoke concentrations in the home0000-0002-0462-7295; Semple, Sean; Apsley, Andrew; Moir, Gill; Henderson, George; Ayres, Jon
23-Apr-2011Influence of Prenatal Lead Exposure on Genomic Methylation of Cord Blood DNAPilsner, J. Richard; Hu, Howard; Sánchez, Brisa N.; Cantonwine, David; Lazarus, Alicia; Lamadrid-Figueroa, Héctor; Mercado-García, Adriana; Téllez-Rojo, Martha Maria; Hernández-Avila, Mauricio; Ettinger, Adrienne S; Wright, Robert O.
27-Oct-2006The Origins, Governance and Social Structure of Club Cross Country Running in Scotland, 1885 – 1914Vamplew, Wray; School of Sport; Telfer, Hamish McDonald
17-Dec-2016All the world’s a stage: The impact of an audience on sport performersJowett, S; Lavallee, D; Staffordshire University; McMaster University; Jones, Marc V; Bray, Steven R; Lavallee, David
2005Effects of social goals on student achievement motivation: the role of self-construalLam, SF; 鄭穎怡.; Cheng, Wing-yi, Rebecca.
12-May-2018A review of the effectiveness of mass media interventions which both encourage quit attempts and reinforce current and recent attempts to quit smokingAbertay University; Jepson, Ruth; Harris, Fiona Margaret; Rowa-Dewar, Neneh Johanna; MacGillivray, Steve; Hastings, Gerard; Kearney, Nora; Walker, Sara; Glanville, Julie
27-Jul-2009The Moral Psychopath: Failure to Replicate Moral/Conventional Distinction Deficits in Sub-clinical PsychopathyBates, Timothy; Barron, Jennifer