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23-Sep-2017Utilising handheld computers to monitor and support patients receiving chemotherapy: results of a UK-based feasibility studyKelvin Connect Ltd; Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre; Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre; Kearney, Nora; Kidd, Lisa; Miller, Morven; Sage, Meurig; Khorrami, Jane; McGee-Lennon, Marilyn; Cassidy, James; Niven, Catherine; Gray, Peter
30-Apr-2016Are Retail Outlets Complying with National Legislation to Protect Children from Exposure to Tobacco Displays at Point of Sale? Results from the First Compliance Study in the UKScottish Centre For Social Research; Eadie, Douglas; Stead, Martine; MacKintosh, Anne Marie; Murray, Susan; Best, Catherine; Pearce, Jamie; Tisch, Catherine; van, der Sluijs Winfried; Amos, Amanda; MacGregor, Andy; Haw, Sally
12-Sep-2014The Tertiary Turn: Locating "The Academy" in Autobiographical Accounts of Activism in Manchester, UK and Auckland, Aotearoa New ZealandHS Health - Highland; Lancaster University; Kyle, Richard G; Milligan, Christine; Kearns, Robin; Larner, Wendy; Fyfe, Nicholas R; Bondi, Liz
23-Jul-2015Evaluation of the removal of point-of-sale tobacco displays in IrelandHealth Service Executive (HSE) (Republic of Ireland); Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society, Ireland; McNeill, Ann; Lewis, Sarah; Quinn, Casey; Mulcahy, Maurice; Clancy, Luke; Hastings, Gerard; Edwards, Richard
14-Sep-2014Helicobacter pylori in the faeces? (Editorial)Weaver, Lawrence T; Shepherd, Ashley; Doherty, Conor P; Mccoll, Kenneth E L; Williams, Craig L
9-Nov-2018a Investigation of glycine transporter GLYT1 in tumour cell proliferationGarcia Bierhals, Christine
10-Sep-2016Impression management in football club financial reportingMorrow, Stephen
27-Jan-2018Behavioural therapy for smoking cessation: The effectiveness of different intervention types for disadvantaged and affluent smokersHiscock, Rosemary; Murray, Susan; Brose, Leonie S; McEwen, Andy; Leonardi-Bee, Jo; Dobbie, Fiona; Bauld, Linda
14-Sep-2014Developing a Longitudinal Database of Routinely Recorded Primary Care Consultations Linked to Service Use and Outcome DataWilliams, Brian; Dowell, Jon; Humphris, Gerry; Themessl-Huber, Markus; Rushmer, Rosemary; Ricketts, Ian; Boyle, Paul; Sullivan, Frank M
13-Sep-2014Do general practice characteristics influence uptake of an information technology (IT) innovation in primary care?Evans, Josie; Guthrie, Bruce; Pagliari, Claudia; Greene, Alexandra; Morris, Andrew D; Cunningham, Scott L; Donnan, Peter T