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28-Jul-2016Transforming growth factor beta 1 induced endothelin-1 release is peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma dependent in A549 cells.Xiang, S; Zeng, Y; Xiong, B; Qin, Y; Huang, X; Jiang, Y; Luo, W; Sooranna, SR; Pinhu, L
17-Feb-2015Myofibroblast loss during renal remodellingHughes, Jeremy; Iredale, John; Wellcome Trust; Vernon, Madeleine Anne
22-Aug-2007The role of the endothelial cell endothelin B receptor in cardiovascular functionKelland, Nicholas
29-Jul-2016COLOR III: a multicentre randomised clinical trial comparing transanal TME versus laparoscopic TME for mid and low rectal cancerDeijen, CL; Velthuis, S; Tsai, A; Mavroveli, S; De Lange-de Klerk, ES; Sietses, C; Tuynman, JB; Lacy, AM; Hanna, GB; Bonjer, HJ
2-Aug-2016Methylprednisolone attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced Fractalkine expression in kidney of Lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice through the NF-kappaB pathwayYou, Y; Qin, Y; Lin, X; Yang, F; Li, J; Sooranna, SR; Pinhu, L
7-Feb-2017Pain Assessment in INTensive care (PAINT): an observational study of physician-documented pain assessment in 45 intensive care units in the United KingdomWellcome Trust; Kemp, H; Bantel, C; Gordon, F; Brett, S; PLAN; SEARCH; Laycock, HC
25-Jul-2017The albumin-bilirubin grade improves hepatic reserve estimation post-sorafenib failure: implications for drug developmentPinato, DJ; Yen, C; Bettinger, D; Ramaswami, R; Arizumi, T; Ward, C; Pirisi, M; Burlone, ME; Thimme, R; Kudo, M; Sharma, R
3-May-2017Spatial mapping of humeral head bone densityWellcome Trust; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Alidousti, H; Giles, J; Emery, R; Jeffers, J
4-Jul-2017The Association between sodium fluctuations and mortality in surgical patients requiring intensive careGoodson, R; Marshall, D; Salciccioli, J; Pimentel, M; Sun, K; Anthony Celi, L; Shalhoub, J
10-Mar-2017Elabela/toddler is an endogenous agonist of the apelin APJ receptor in the adult cardiovascular system, and exogenous administration of the peptide compensates for the downregulation of its expression in pulmonary arterial hypertensionYang, P; Read, C; Kuc, RE; Buonincontri, G; Southwood, M; Torella, R; Upton, PD; Crosby, A; Sawiak, SJ; Carpenter, TA; Glen, RC; Morrell, NW; Maguire, JJ; Davenport, AP