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1-Aug-2016Diagnostic accuracy of intraoperative techniques for margin assessment in breast cancer surgery: a meta-analysisMicromass UK Ltd; St John, ER; Al-Khudairi, R; Ashrafian, H; Athanasiou, T; Takats, Z; Hadjiminas, DJ; Darzi, A; Leff, DR
1-Aug-2016Abstract P2-12-20: rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry towards real time intraoperative oncological margin status determination in breast conserving surgeryMicromass UK Ltd; St John, ER; Al-Khudairi, R; Balog, J; Rossi, M; Gildea, L; Speller, A; Ramakrishnan, R; Shousha, S; Takats, Z; Leff, DR; Darzi, A
2-Aug-2016The use of commitment techniques to support weight loss maintenance in obese adolescents.Kulendran, M; Vlaev, I; King, D; Schmidtke, KA; Curtis, C; Darzi, A
11-Jul-2017Improving the Quality of Ward-based Surgical Care With a Human Factors Intervention Bundle.Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Johnston, MJ; Arora, S; King, D; Darzi, A
10-Dec-2014Redesigning the 'choice architecture' of hospital prescription charts: a mixed methods study incorporating in situ simulation testing.King, D; Jabbar, A; Charani, E; Bicknell, C; Wu, Z; Miller, G; Gilchrist, M; Vlaev, I; Franklin, BD; Darzi, A
8-Jun-2018Long-term prospective evaluation comparing robotic parathyroidectomy with minimally invasive open parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidismTolley, N; Garas, G; Palazzo, F; Prichard, A; Chaidas, K; Cox, J; Darzi, A; Arora, A
22-Aug-2016Flexible platforms for natural orifice transluminal and endoluminal surgeryPatel, N; Seneci, C; Yang, G-Z; Darzi, A; Teare, J
10-Oct-2017Outcome of TORS to tongue base and epiglottis in patients with OSA intolerant of conventional treatmentArora, A; Chaidas, K; Garas, G; Amlani, A; Darzi, A; Kotecha, B; Tolley, NS
22-Sep-2016Linked Hospital and Primary Care Database Analysis of the Incidence and Impact of Psychiatric Morbidity Following Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery in EnglandBouras, G; Markar, SR; Burns, EM; Mackenzie, HA; Bottle, A; Athanasiou, T; Hanna, GB; Darzi, A
19-Sep-2016NeuroCYCLOPS: a novel system for endoscopic neurosurgeryOude Vrielink, TJC; Khan, DZ; Marcus, H; Darzi, A; Mylonas, G