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15-May-2011Association between Traffic-Related Black Carbon Exposure and Lung Function among Urban WomenSuglia, Shakira Franco; Gryparis, Alexandros; Schwartz, Joel David; Wright, Rosalind Jo
15-May-2011Particulate air pollution and survival in a COPD cohortZanobetti, Antonella; Bind, Marie-Abele Catherine; Schwartz, Joel David
15-May-2011Glutathione S-Transferase Polymorphisms, Passive Smoking, Obesity, and Heart Rate Variability in NonsmokersProbst-Hensch, Nicole M.; Imboden, Medea; Dietrich, Denise Felber; Barthélemy, Jean-Claude; Ackermann-Liebrich, Ursula; Berger, Wolfgang; Gaspoz, Jean-Michel; Schwartz, Joel David
15-May-2011Lead, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Renal Function: The Normative Aging StudyTsaih, Shirng-Wern; Korrick, Susan Abigail; Schwartz, Joel David; Amarasiriwardena, Chitra J.; Aro, Antonio; Sparrow, David; Hu, Howard
15-May-2011Residential Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Survival after Heart FailureMedina-Ramón, Mercedes; Goldberg, Robert; Melly, Steven John; Mittleman, Murray A.; Schwartz, Joel David
15-May-2011Weather-based prediction of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in epidemic-prone regions of Ethiopia I. Patterns of lagged weather effects reflect biological mechanismsTeklehaimanot, Hailay D; Teklehaimanot, Awash; Lipsitch, Marc; Schwartz, Joel David
16-May-2011Baseline Repeated Measures from Controlled Human Exposure Studies: Associations between Ambient Air Pollution Exposure and the Systemic Inflammatory Biomarkers IL-6 and FibrinogenThompson, Aaron M.S.; Zanobetti, Antonella; Silverman, Frances; Schwartz, Joel David; Coull, Brent Andrew; Urch, Bruce; Speck, Mary; Brook, Jeffrey R.; Manno, Michael; Gold, Diane R.
11-May-2011The effect of weather on respiratory and cardiovascular deaths in 12 U.S. cities.Braga, Alfésio L F; Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel David
1-May-2011PM\(_{2.5}\) metal exposures and nocturnal heart rate variability: a panel study of boilermaker construction workersCavallari, Jennifer Margaret; Eisen, Ellen A.; Fang, Shona C.; Schwartz, Joel David; Hauser, Russ B.; Herrick, Robert F.; Christiani, David C.
11-May-2011Maternal arsenic exposure and impaired glucose tolerance during pregnancyEttinger, Adrienne S; Zota, Ami R.; Amarasiriwardena, Chitra J.; Hopkins, Marianne; Schwartz, Joel David; Hu, Howard; Wright, Robert O.