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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
10-Sep-2016Impression management in football club financial reportingMorrow, Stephen
17-Sep-2016The Diplomatic Context of Doping in the Former German Democratic Republic: A Revisionist ExaminationHunt, Thomas M; Dimeo, Paul; Bowers, Matthew; Jedlicka, Scott R
1-Feb-2018Factors influencing patients' hope in stroke and spinal cord injury: A narrative reviewSt Andrew's Healthcare; 0000-0002-1055-0052; Soundy, Andrew; Stubbs, Brendon; Freeman, Paul; Coffee, Pete; Roskell, Carolyn
29-Aug-2016Foraging patterns of two syngnathid fishes: importance of harpacticoid copepodsTipton, Kevin; Bell, Susan S
9-Feb-2018Do not write off supramaximal exercise just yetUlster University; Vollaard, Niels; Metcalfe, Richard
30-Aug-2016The Business of Football: Image Management in Narrative CommunicationMorrow, Stephen
15-Sep-2016Public leisure facilities: Managing customer expectationsRobinson, Leigh
11-Sep-2016Resistance exercise maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during bed restNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Ferrando, Arny A; Tipton, Kevin; Bamman, Marcas M; Wolfe, Robert R
18-Jul-2018Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair Using Independent Suture Tape ReinforcementHeusdens, Christiaan H W; Hopper, Graeme P; Dossche, Lieven; Mackay, Gordon M
31-Aug-2016Direct-to-consumer genetic testing for predicting sports performance and talent identification: Consensus statementManchester Metropolitan University; Swansea University; Louisiana State University; Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture; Stanford University; Bond Institute of Health and Sport; King's College London; Aspetar-Qatar Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Hospital; Victoria University; Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology; Webborn, Nick; Williams, Alun; McNamee, Mike; Bouchard, Claude; Pitsiladis, Yannis; Ahmetov, Ildus; Ashley, Euan; Byrne, Nuala; Camporesi, Silvia; Collins, Malcolm R; Dijkstra, Paul; Eynon, Nir; Fuku, Noriyuki; Garton, Fleur; Moran, Colin Neil