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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
10-Jul-2008Investigating the effect of cognitive load on working memory tasks in children with arithmetical difficultiesKelly, Louise; Boon, Joanna
22-Jul-2009Acoustic analysis of intentional vocalizations by autistic and non-autistic monozygotic twins.Delafield-Butt, Jonathan; Scoular, Claire
9-Jul-2008Controlled guidance of handwriting in Parkinson's Disease patients. Can a sonic aid improve tau guidance measuresLee, Dave; Baxter, Holly
22-Jul-2009Self-other reports of emotional intelligence: Using trait and ability measures to aggregate and moderateAustin, Elizabeth; Palladina, Jessica
22-Jul-2009Life Satisfaction in Dyslexics:An Investigation into the Influence of Self-Concept and Self-EsteemKelly, Louise; Cosgrove-Garvey, Joy
9-Jul-2008Is Conscientiousness negatively correlated with intelligence test and inspection time performanceAustin, Elizabeth; Todd, Kirsty
11-Nov-2008The Effect of Cues of Parental Investment on Attractiveness Ratings of Males: The Impact of Child Presence and AgeCaryl, Peter; Went, Hannah
28-Mar-2014Individual Differences and Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study into Emotional Intelligence and its effect on Risky Decision-Making and Delay Discounting BehavioursAustin, Elizabeth; Stacey, Jemima
12-Nov-2008Construction of the Social Network Score (SNS) Questionnaire for undergraduate students, and an examination of the pre-requisites for large social networks in humans?Stileman, Edward
10-Aug-2010Self-esteem, self-concept and life satisfaction of dyslexic students at universityKelly, Louise; Shek, Emma