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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
16-Nov-2010Epidemiology of ischaemic stroke subtypes: do differences in epidemiology provide evidence for a distinct lacunar arterial pathology?Sudlow, Cathie; Lewis, Steff; Wellcome Trust; Binks Trust; Jackson, Caroline Anne
14-Dec-2010Housing, environment and cardio-respiratory health: the relative influence of the past and the presentPlatt, Steven; Mitchell, Richard; Blane, David; Chief Scientist Office (CSO); Walker, Jeremy Joseph
7-May-2014Evaluation of five year survival and major health care resource use following admission to Scottish intensive care unitsMurray, Gordon; Wild, Sarah; Walsh, Timothy; Chief Scientist Office (CSO); Lone, Nazir Iftikhar
15-Oct-2014Comprehensive data analysis to study parturitionNorman, Jane; Goryanin, Igor; Jabbour, Henry; Saunders, Phillipa; Sharp, Gemma Carly
19-Nov-2013New insights into the natural history of thrombo-embolic disease provided by imaging and disease quantificationvan Beek, Edwin JR; Murchison, John Tallach
7-May-2014Integrated investigation of dementia risk factors : insights from geography, record linkage, and individual participant meta-analysisStarr, John; Batty, David; Alzheimer Scotland; Russ, Thomas Charles
24-Apr-2013What Drives the US and Peruvian HIV Epidemics in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)?Goodreau, Steven M.; Carnegie, Nicole Bohme; Vittinghoff, Eric; Lama, Javier R.; Sanchez, Jorge; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Koblin, Beryl A.; Mayer, Kenneth Hugh; Buchbinder, Susan P.
24-Apr-2013Participation in Sports Organizations and the Prevention of Functional Disability in Older Japanese: The AGES Cohort StudyKanamori, Satoru; Kai, Yuko; Kondo, Katsunori; Hirai, Hiroshi; Ichida, Yukinobu; Suzuki, Kayo; Kawachi, Ichiro
14-Nov-2013Incidence of varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and venous reflux in the general population and associated risk factors: the Edinburgh Vein Study follow upFowkes, Gerry; Evans, Christine; Robertson, Lindsay Anne
22-Feb-2010Colorectal cancer and diet in ScotlandCampbell, Harry; Theodoratou, Evropi