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7-May-2013Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Unmet Needs and Distribution of Health Care Resources in South KoreaHeo, Jongho; Oh, Juwhan; Kim, Jukyung; Lee, Manwoo; Lee, Jin-seok; Kwon, Soonman; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata; Kawachi, Ichiro
13-Dec-2013Social and Geographical Inequalities in Suicide in Japan from 1975 through 2005: A Census-Based Longitudinal AnalysisSuzuki, Etsuji; Kashima, Saori; Kawachi, Ichiro; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
24-Apr-2012Association Between Interpersonal Trust, Reciprocity, and Depression in South Korea: A Prospective AnalysisKim, Seung-Sup; Chung, Yeonseung; Perry, Melissa J.; Kawachi, Ichiro; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
1-Apr-2013Association between Proximity to a Health Center and Early Childhood Mortality in MadagascarKashima, Saori; Suzuki, Etsuji; Okayasu, Toshiharu; Jean Louis, Razafimahatratra; Eboshida, Akira; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
3-Apr-2013Geographic Inequalities in All-Cause Mortality in Japan: Compositional or Contextual?Suzuki, Etsuji; Kashima, Saori; Kawachi, Ichiro; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
20-Apr-2012Measuring Discrimination in South Korea: Underestimating the Prevalence of Discriminatory Experiences among Female and Less Educated Workers?Kim, Seung-Sup; Chung, Yeonseung; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata; Williams, David
9-May-2013Socioeconomic and Geographic Patterning of Smoking Behaviour in Canada: A Cross-Sectional Multilevel AnalysisCorsi, Daniel J.; Lear, Scott A.; Chow, Clara K.; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata; Boyle, Michael H.; Teo, Koon K.
26-Oct-2012Neighborhood Influences on Perceived Social Support Among Parents: Findings from the Project on Human Development in Chicago NeighborhoodsTendulkar, Shalini Ahuja; Koenen, Karestan C.; Dunn, Erin Cathleen; Buka, Stephen L.; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
17-Oct-2013Population Trends and Variation in Body Mass Index from 1971 to 2008 in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring CohortBlock, Jason Perry; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata; Christakis, Nicholas Alexander; O'Malley, James James
18-Apr-2013Environmental Profile of a Community’s Health (EPOCH): An Ecometric Assessment of Measures of the Community Environment Based on Individual PerceptionCorsi, Daniel J.; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata; McKee, Martin; Li, Wei; Swaminathan, Sumathi; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Avezum, Alvaro; Lear, Scott A.; Dagenais, Gilles; Rangarajan, Sumathy; Teo, Koon; Yusuf, Salim; Chow, Clara K.