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29-Jul-2016A comparison of patients with relapsed and chemo-refractory gestational trophoblastic neoplasiaPowles, T; Savage, PM; Stebbing, J; Short, D; Young, A; Bower, M; Pappin, C; Schmid, P; Seckl, MJ
29-Jul-2016Outcome of patients with HIV-related germ cell tumours: a case-control studyPowles, T; Bower, M; Shamash, J; Stebbing, J; Ong, J; Daugaard, G; De Ruiter, A; Johnson, M; Fisher, M; Anderson, J; Nelson, M; Gazzard, B; Oliver, T
29-Jul-2016DUSP16 is an epigenetically regulated determinant of JNK signalling in Burkitt's lymphomaLee, S; Syed, N; Taylor, J; Smith, P; Griffin, B; Baens, M; Bai, M; Bourantas, K; Stebbing, J; Naresh, K; Nelson, M; Tuthill, M; Bower, M; Hatzimichael, E; Crook, T
29-Jul-2016The collagen prolyl hydroxylases are novel transcriptionally silenced genes in lymphomaHatzimichael, E; Lo Nigro, C; Lattanzio, L; Syed, N; Shah, R; Dasoula, A; Janczar, K; Vivenza, D; Monteverde, M; Merlano, M; Papoudou-Bai, A; Bai, M; Schmid, P; Stebbing, J; Bower, M; Dyer, MJS; Karran, LE; ElguetaKarstegl, C; Farrell, PJ; Thompson, A; Briasoulis, E; Crook, T
29-Jul-2016The significance of the time interval between antecedent pregnancy and diagnosis of high-risk gestational trophoblastic tumoursPowles, T; Young, A; Sammit, A; Stebbing, J; Short, D; Bower, M; Savage, PM; Seckl, MJ; Schmid, P
2-Aug-2016ATG9A loss confers resistance to trastuzumab via c-Cbl mediated Her2 degradationNunes, J; Zhang, H; Angelopoulos, N; Chhetri, J; Osipo, C; Grothey, A; Stebbing, J; Giamas, G
31-Jul-2017Corrigendum: Randomised, open-label, phase II study of gemcitabine with and without IMM-101 for advanced pancreatic cancerDalgleish, AG; Stebbing, J; Adamson, DJ; Arif, SS; Bidoli, P; Chang, D; Cheeseman, S; Diaz-Beveridge, R; Fernandez-Martos, C; Glynne-Jones, R; Granetto, C; Massuti, B; McAdam, K; McDermott, R; Martín, AJ; Papamichael, D; Pazo-Cid, R; Vieitez, JM; Zaniboni, A; Carroll, KJ; Wagle, S; Gaya, A; Mudan, SS
2-Sep-2016Genomic modelling of the ESR1 Y537S mutation for evaluating function and new therapeutic approaches for metastatic breast cancerHarrod, A; Fulton, J; Nguyen, VTM; Periyasamy, M; Ramos Garcia, L; Lai, C-F; Metodieva, G; De Giorgio, A; Williams, RL; Santos, DB; Jimenez Gomez, P; Lin, M-L; Metodiev, MV; Stebbing, J; Castellano, L; Magnani, L; Coombes, RC; Buluwela, L; Ali, S
13-Oct-2016A novel and validated prognostic index in hepatocellular carcinoma: The inflammation based index (IBI)Pinato, DJ; Stebbing, J; Ishizuka, M; Khan, SA; Wasan, HS; North, BV; Kubota, K; Sharma, R
31-Jan-2017Sustained expression of miR-26a promotes chromosomal instability and tumorigenesis through regulation of CHFRAction Against Cancer; Castellano, L; Dabrowska, A; Pellegrino, L; Ottaviani, S; Cathcart, P; Frampton, A; Krell, J; Stebbing, J