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26-Aug-2016Patients in England with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who develop colorectal cancer (CRC) have shortened survival when compared with patients with sporadic CRCAskari, A; Nachiappan, S; Murphy, J; Mills, S; Bottle, A; Athanasiou, T; Arebi, N; Clark, S; Faiz, O
26-Aug-2016Colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at increased risk of poor outcomes post surgery in englandAskari, A; Nachiappan, S; Murphy, J; Mills, S; Bottle, A; Athanasiou, T; Arebi, N; Clark, S; Faiz, O
10-Oct-2016Early post-natal environment and supplementation of b. lactis ncc2818 exert a sustained influence on the developing immune system and on gut microbial co-metabolism in the pigNestec SA; Merrifield, CA; Lewis, MC; Berger, B; Cloarec, O; Charton, F; Krause, L; Duncker, S; Mercenier, A; Holmes, E; Bailey, M; Nicholson, JK
10-Oct-2016Effect of co-morbidities on urinary metabolic profiling in the characterisation of patients with inflammatory bowel diseasePowles, STR; Hicks, LC; Jimenez, B; Merrifield, C; Holmes, E; Williams, HRT; Orchard, TR
21-Oct-2016Do value judgements of analgesic drugs alter between the expert and junior doctor?Laycock, H; Wordsworth, H; Casely, E; Bantel, C
20-Oct-2016Documentation of pain in an intensive care unit by doctorsLaycock, H; Bakare, S; Rubulotta, F; Bantel, C
10-Nov-2017PWE-353 Determining the sensitivity and specificity of annual faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin (FIT) compared with findings at surveillance colonoscopy for patients diagnosed with intermediate risk adenomas – the fit for follow-up studyDepartment of Health; MacRae, E; Marchevsky, N; Brenner, A; Patel, B; Pearson, S; Piggott, C; Von Wagner, C; Wardle, J; Halloran, S; Atkin, W
10-Nov-2017PWE-344 Retrospective cohort study to examine the frequency of follow-up for patients with intermediate grade colorectal adenomas (ia study)Department of Health; Brenner, A; Martin, J; Wooldrage, K; Kralj-Hans, I; Pack, K; Greliak, P; Shah, U; Dadswell, E; Lucas, F; Duffy, S; Atkin, W
25-Sep-2017The evolution of HIV-associated lymphoma over three decadesRamaswami, R; Pria, AD; Roe, J; Nelson, M; Gazzard, B; Bower, M; Chia, G
21-Sep-2017Stimulated expression of ileal fibroblast growth factor 19 by bile acids is impaired in patients with primary and secondary bile acid diarrhoeaBardhan Research and Education Trust of Rotherham Ltd; Nolan, JD; Appleby, RN; Madhan, GK; Johnston, IM; Sarah, K; Zhang, JH; Walters, J