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8-Jun-2018Long-term prospective evaluation comparing robotic parathyroidectomy with minimally invasive open parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidismTolley, N; Garas, G; Palazzo, F; Prichard, A; Chaidas, K; Cox, J; Darzi, A; Arora, A
23-Aug-2016Anastomotic leaks can be detected within 5 days following ileorectal anastomosis: A case-controlled study in patients with familial adenomatous polyposisAziz, O; Albeyati, A; Derias, M; Varsani, N; Ashrafian, H; Athanasiou, T; Clark, SK; Jenkins, JT; Kennedy, RH
20-Dec-2016A Video Analysis of Intra- and Interprofessional Leadership Behaviors Within "The Burns Suite": Identifying Key Leadership ModelsSadideen, H; Weldon, S-M; Saadeddin, M; Loon, M; Kneebone, R
1-Feb-2017Validation of a one-stop carpal tunnel clinic including nerve conduction studies and hand therapyBall, C; Pearse, M; Kennedy, D; Hall, A; Nanchahal, J
10-Mar-2017Comparative Effectiveness of 3-D versus 2-D and HD versus SD Neuroendoscopy: A Preclinical Randomized Crossover StudyMarcus, HJ; Hughes-Hallett, A; Cundy, TP; Di Marco, A; Pratt, P; Nandi, D; Darzi, A; Yang, GZ
3-Feb-2016Residential mobility during pregnancy in the north of EnglandHodgson, S; Shirley, M; Bythell, M; Rankin, J
28-Jun-2018Improving Escalation of Care A Double-blinded Randomized Controlled TrialJohnston, MJ; Arora, S; Pucher, PH; McCartan, N; Reissis, Y; Chana, P; Darzi, A
19-Aug-2017Extended lymphadenectomy for locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancerGeorgiou, PA; Ali, SM; Brown, G; Rasheed, S; Tekkis, PP
19-Aug-2016The risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes following non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy. Estimates from a retrospective cohort study of 6.5 million pregnanciesBalinskaite, V; Bottle, R; Sodhi, V; Angus, R; Brett, S; Bennett, P; Aylin, P
9-Aug-2016A novel methodology for in vivo endoscopic phenotyping of colorectal cancer based on real-time analysis of the mucosal lipidome: a prospective observational study of the iKnifeMicromass UK Ltd; Alexander, J; Gildea, L; Balog, J; Speller, A; McKenzie, J; Muirhead, L; Scott, A; Kontovounisios, C; Rasheed, S; Teare, J; Hoare, J; Veselkov, K; Goldin, R; Tekkis, P; Darzi, A; Nicholson, J; Kinross, J; Takats, Z