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25-Mar-2017Mouse hypothalamic GT1-7 cells demonstrate AMPK-dependent intrinsic glucose-sensing behaviourBeall, Craig; Hamilton, David Lee; Gallagher, Jennifer; Logie, Lisa; Wright, Karen A; Soutar, Marc P M; Dadak, Selma; Ashford, Fiona B; Haythorne, Elizabeth; Du, Qingyou; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; McCrimmon, Rory J; Ashford, Michael L J
17-Jan-2017Pyruvate suppresses PGC1 alpha expression and substrate utilization despite increased respiratory chain content in C2C12 myotubesPhilp, Andrew; Perez-Schindler, Joaquin; Green, Charlotte; Hamilton, David Lee; Baar, Keith
26-Aug-2016Comments on Point:Counterpoint: IGF is/is not the major physiological regulator of muscle mass. Irrelevant growth factor-I (Commentary)Baar, Keith; Hamilton, David Lee; Philp, Andrew
14-Sep-2016Signals mediating skeletal muscle remodeling by resistance exercise: PI3-kinase independent activation of mTORC1Philp, Andrew; Hamilton, David Lee; Baar, Keith
10-Sep-2016Inhibition of Myostatin Signaling through Notch Activation following Acute Resistance ExerciseMacKenzie, Matthew G; Hamilton, David Lee; Pepin, Mark; Patton, Amy; Baar, Keith
16-Sep-2016Reduction in BACE1 decreases body weight, protects against diet-induced obesity and enhances insulin sensitivity in miceGlaxoSmithKline; GlaxoSmithKline; GlaxoSmithKline; GlaxoSmithKline; Meakin, Paul J; Harper, Alex J; Hamilton, David Lee; Gallagher, Jennifer; McNeilly, Alison D; Burgess, Laura A; Vaanholt, Lobke M; Bannon, Kirsten A; Latcham, Judy; Hussain, Ishrut; Speakman, John R; Howlett, David R; Ashford, Michael L J
21-Mar-2017Fish oil supplementation suppresses resistance exercise and feeding-induced increases in anabolic signaling without affecting myofibrillar protein synthesis in young menMcMaster University; Aquaculture; Aquaculture; McMaster University; McGlory, Chris; Wardle, Sophie; Macnaughton, Lindsay S; Witard, Oliver; Scott, Fraser; Dick, James R; Bell, J Gordon; Phillips, Stuart M; Galloway, S D; Hamilton, David Lee; Tipton, Kevin
28-Jun-2017Lipid remodelling and an altered membrane-associated proteome may drive the differential effects of EPA and DHA treatment on skeletal muscle glucose uptake and protein accretionSociety for Endocrinology; Institute of Aquaculture; Institute of Aquaculture; Dundee Cell Products; 0000-0002-1622-3044; 0000-0002-8630-7235; 0000-0002-5620-4788; Jeromson, Stewart; Mackenzie, Ivor; Doherty, Mary K; Whitfield, Phillip D; Bell, J Gordon; Dick, James R; Shaw, Andy; Rao, Francesco; Ashcroft, Stephen P; Philp, Andrew; Galloway, S D; Gallagher, Iain J; Hamilton, David Lee
14-Jul-2017Multiple AMPK activators inhibit L-Carnitine uptake in C2C12 skeletal muscle myotubesBiological and Environmental Sciences; Shaw, Andy; Jeromson, Stewart; Watterson, Kenneth R; Pediani, John D; Gallagher, Iain J; Whalley, Tim; Dreczkowski, Gillian; Brooks, Naomi; Galloway, S D; Hamilton, David Lee
16-Sep-2016mVps34 is activated following high-resistance contractionsQueen's University Belfast; MacKenzie, Matthew G; Hamilton, David Lee; Murray, James T; Taylor, Peter M; Baar, Keith