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18-Dec-2017Rapid evidence review: The impact of promotions on high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) food and drink on consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour and the effectiveness of retail environment interventionsNHS Health Scotland; NHS Health Scotland; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Martin, Laura; Bauld, Linda; Angus, Kathryn
10-Feb-2015Investigating the effectiveness of education in relation to alcohol: A systematic investigation of critical elements for optimum effectiveness of promising approaches and delivery methods in school and family linked alcohol educationAlcohol Research UK; 0000-0002-6527-0218; 0000-0002-2912-0837; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Cairns, Georgina; Purves, Richard; Bryce, Stuart; McKell, Jennifer; Gordon, Ross; Angus, Kathryn
20-Oct-2016Plain tobacco packaging research: An updateUK Centre for Tobacco Control; 0000-0002-1805-2509; 0000-0002-5351-4422; 0000-0002-3066-4604; Moodie, Crawford; Angus, Kathryn; Stead, Martine; Bauld, Linda
9-Feb-2015"They'll drink bucket loads of the stuff": An analysis of internal alcohol industry documentsThe Open University; 0000-0002-3066-4604; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Hastings, Gerard; Brooks, Oona; Stead, Martine; Angus, Kathryn; Anker, Thomas; Farrell, Tom
10-Feb-2015E-cigarette uptake and marketing: A report commissioned by Public Health EnglandPublic Health England; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Bauld, Linda; Angus, Kathryn; De Andrade, Marisa
18-Dec-2017Synthesis Report on the Effectiveness of Alcohol Education in Schools in the European UnionEuropean Commission; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Cairns, Georgina; Gordon, Ross; Hastings, Gerard; Angus, Kathryn
18-Jul-2015Scoping and Feasibility Study to Develop and Apply a Methodology for Retrospective Adjustment of Alcohol Consumption DataDepartment of Health (DH); Department of Health; NatCen Social Research (NatCen); NatCen Social Research (NatCen); 0000-0002-3066-4604; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Stead, Martine; Bauld, Linda; Angus, Kathryn; MacDonald, Laura; Munafo, Marcus; Attwood, Angela; Ataya, Alia; Fuller, Elizabeth; Pickering, Kevin
20-Oct-2016Plain Tobacco Packaging: A Systematic ReviewUK Centre for Tobacco Control; King's College London; 0000-0002-1805-2509; 0000-0002-3066-4604; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Moodie, Crawford; Stead, Martine; Bauld, Linda; McNeill, Ann; Angus, Kathryn; Hinds, Kate; Kwan, Irene; Thomas, James; Hastings, Gerard; O'Mara-Eves, Alison
18-Nov-2016Electronic Cigarette Marketing: Current Research and Policy0000-0002-5351-4422; Bauld, Linda; Angus, Kathryn; de Andrade, Marisa; Ford, Allison
10-Feb-2015Changing attitudes, knowledge and behaviour: A review of successful initiativesJoseph Rowntree Foundation; 0000-0002-3066-4604; 0000-0002-1805-2509; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Stead, Martine; Gordon, Ross; Holmes, Ingrid; Moodie, Crawford; Hastings, Gerard; Angus, Kathryn