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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
16-Apr-2013Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Disseminating Workplace Health Promotion Resources to BusinessesSt.George, Alexis; King, Lesley; Bennie, Jason; Portors, Claire; Hing, Liz; Mc Nicholas, Janelle
16-Apr-2013Results of a Survey on Workplace Health Promotion in Businesses in LithgowPANORG; St.George, Alexis; Laws, Rachel; King, Lesley; Hector, Debra; Portors, Claire
18-Apr-2013A Review of Available Information on Workplace Physical Activity and Nutrition ChallengesHector, Debra; Espinel Diaz, Paola; St.George, Alexis; Macniven, Rona; Rissel, Chris; King, Lesley
16-May-2013Food Security: The What, How, Why and Where to of Food Security in NSW. Discussion PaperPANORG; Innes-Hughes, Christine; Bowers, K; King, Lesley; Chapman, Kathy; Eden, Barbara
13-May-2013Promoting Health and Nutrition Through Sport: Attitudes of the Junior Sporting CommunityPANORG; Kelly, Bridget; Baur, Louise A; Bauman, Adrian; King, Lesley; Chapman, Kathy; Smith, Ben
20-May-2013NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS) 2010: Full Report.PANORG; Hardy, Louise; King, Lesley; Espinel, Paola; Cosgrove, Carmen; Bauman, Adrian
17-May-2013Reducing the risk of chronic disease in older adults: A summary report to support obesity prevention planning in NSW. PANORG; Hector, Debra; Espinel, Paola; King, Lesley
20-May-2013Weight and weight related behaviours among NSW Kindergarten childrenPANORG; Hardy, Louise; King, Lesley
17-May-2013Update of the evidence base to support the review of the NSW Health Breastfeeding Policy (PD2006_012): A rapid appraisal. PANORG; Hector, Debra; Hebden, Lana; Innes-Hughes, Christine; King, Lesley
19-Jun-2013Parents' views on food study: Feedback to participating centresPANORG; Petrunoff, Nicholas; Wilkenfeld, Rachel; King, Lesley; Flood, Vicki