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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
14-Feb-2015Evaluated interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm among young peopleEuropean Commission; 0000-0002-5351-4422; Angus, Kathryn; Cairns, Georgina; Eadie, Douglas; Gordon, Ross; MacDonald, Laura
21-Mar-2012Giving patients online access to their electronic primary care record: experiences and perceptions of practice staff and service usersShand, Tim; Pagliari, Claudia; Fisher, Brian
21-Nov-2016Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015/16: Analysis of Free-text CommentsCunningham, Margaret; Wells, Mary
14-Feb-2015What do the public really feel about non-custodial penalties?Stead, Martine; MacFadyen, Lynn; Hastings, Gerard
27-Sep-2016A decision tool for updating Cochrane reviewsCochrane Centre UK; Queen's University Belfast; Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Cochrane Netherlands; Cochrane Centre UK; Cochrane UK; Hopewell, Sally; Loudon, Kirsty; Clarke, Mike; Moher, David; Scholten, Rob; Eisinga, Anne; French, Simon
9-Jul-2016Public health stakeholders' perceived status of health communication activities for the prevention and control of communicable diseases across the EU and EEA/EFTA countriesNational University of Ireland - Galway; ECDC, Stockholm; National University of Ireland - Galway; National University of Ireland - Galway; National University of Ireland - Galway; Doyle, Priscilla; Sixsmith, Jane; Barry, Margaret; Mahmood, Samir; MacDonald, Laura; O'Sullivan, Maeve; Oroviogoichoechea, C; Cairns, Georgina; Guillen-Grima, Francisco; Nunez-Cordoba, Jorge
13-Feb-2015Tobacco Harm Reduction and Nicotine Containing Products: Research Priorities and Policy DirectionsAndrade, Marisa de; Hastings, Gerard
13-Feb-2015A literature review of trust and reputation management in communicable disease public healthEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC); 0000-0002-5351-4422; Cairns, Georgina; MacDonald, Laura; De Andrade, Marisa; Angus, Kathryn
13-Feb-2015Systematic literature review to examine the evidence for the effectiveness of interventions that use theories and models of behaviour change: towards the prevention and control of communicable diseases0000-0002-5351-4422; 0000-0002-6527-0218; Angus, Kathryn; Cairns, Georgina; Purves, Richard; Bryce, Stuart; MacDonald, Laura; Gordon, Ross
16-Apr-2013Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Disseminating Workplace Health Promotion Resources to BusinessesSt.George, Alexis; King, Lesley; Bennie, Jason; Portors, Claire; Hing, Liz; Mc Nicholas, Janelle