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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
20-Sep-2012Adolescent and Adult Two-Bottle Choice Ethanol Drinking and Adult Impulsivity in Genetically Selected High-Alcohol Preferring MiceGrahame, Nicholas J.; Czachowski, Cristine; Boehm II, Stephen L.; O'Tousa, David Scott
27-Aug-2012Characterization of Behavioral Profiles for Inbred P and NP and Congenic P.NP and NP.P RatsGrahame, Nicholas J.; Stewart, Robert; Czachowski, Cristine; Roman, Erika; Jensen, Meredith
29-Aug-2012Drinking Rhythms in Alcohol Preferring MiceGrahame, Nicholas J.; Czachowski, Cristine; Boehm II, Stephen L.; Matson, Liana M.
16-Mar-2012Nicotine Use in Schizophrenia: a part of the cure or the disease?Chambers, R. Andrew; Czachowski, Cristine L.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Breier, Alan, 1953-; Berg, Sarah A.
20-Sep-2012Genetic Correlation between Alcohol Preference and Motor Impulsivity with Genetically Selected High-Alcohol and Low-Alcohol Preferring Lines of MiceGrahame, Nicholas J.; Czachowski, Cristine; Boehm II, Stephen L.; Novotney, Devon Michael
20-Sep-2012Effects of Prazosin Treatment on Ethanol- and Sucrose-Seeking and Intake in P RatsCzachowski, Cristine L.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Neal-Beliveau, Bethany S.; Verplaetse, Terril Lee
12-Jul-2013Exploring Potential Pharmacologic Treatments for Alcoholism: Can the Use of Drugs Selective for the µ-, δ-, and κ- Opioid Receptors Differentially Modulate Alcohol Drinking?Czachowski, Cristine; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Stewart, Robert; Kinzig, Kimberly P.; Hazer, John; Henderson, Angela Nicole
27-Sep-2012ACHIEVING PHARMACOLOGICALLY RELEVANT IV ALCOHOL SELF-ADMINISTRATION IN THE RATCzachowski, Cristine L.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Kosobud, Ann E. K.; Windisch, Kyle Allyson
14-Aug-2013Applicant Reactions to Structuring the Selection InterviewHazer, John; Williams, Jane R.; Shermis, Mark D., 1953-; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Lombard-Sims, Danielle
2-Mar-2015Investigating reactivity to incentive downshift as a correlated response to selection for high alcohol preference and a determinant of rash action and alcohol consumptionGrahame, Nicholas J.; Czachowski, Cristine; Boehm, Stephen; Cyders, Melissa A.; Chester, Julia A.; Matson, Liana M.