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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
20-Dec-2018Epidemiology of Dietary and Micronutrient Deficiencies in MongoliaFawzi, Wafaie W.; Davaasambuu, Ganmaa; Rich-Edwards, Janet W.; Rosner, Bernard; Bromage, Sabri
20-Dec-2018A Health Economic Framework for Expanding Access to Mental Health Treatment in an Emerging MarketViswanath, Kasisomayajula; Quelch, John A.; Siegrist, Richard B.; Abraham, Emily
20-Dec-2018Still a Unicorn? Strategic Questions Facing Health LeadsMcDonough, John E.; Koh, Howard K.; Brodnitzki, Bill; Mitroi, Lavinia R.
20-Dec-2018The Relation Between Age at Immigration and Mental HealthKoenen, Karestan C.; VanderWeele, Tyler J.; Williams, David R.; Liu, Howard
2-Jun-2015Poverty, Energy Use, Air Pollution and Health in Ghana: A Spatial AnalysisEzzati, Majid; Castro, Marcia C.; Spengler, John D.; Ware, James H.; Arku, Raphael E.
2-Jun-2015Gender Expression, Discrimination, and Health Among U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults: Quantitative and Qualitative ApproachesAustin, Sydney B.; Krieger, Nancy; Okechukwu, Cassandra A.; Haneuse, Sebastien; Gordon, Allegra Raboff
2-Jun-2015Determinants of Global Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity and MortalityMissmer, Stacey A.; Fawzi, Wafaie W.; Lieberman, Ellice; Spiegelman, Donna; Boundy, Ellen O'Neal
2-Jun-2015The Cardiometabolic Effects of Work and Family StressBerkman, Lisa B.; Kubzansky, Laura; Glymour, Maria; O'Donnell, Emily Martin
2-Jun-2015Psychosocial Factors, Lifestyle and Risk of Ovarian CancerTworoger, Shelley; Eliassen, Heather; Kubzansky, Laura; Okereke, Olivia; Huang, Tianyi
2-Jun-2015Essays on HIV and Malaria Treatment in Sub-Saharan AfricaFink, Gunther; Barnighausen, Till; McConnell, Margaret; Raifman, Julia Rebecca Goldberg