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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
12-Oct-2009An investigation into patient management protocols for low back pain by chiropractors in greater Durban areaWebb, Grant S.; Jones, Andrew D.; Palmer, Robert H.
14-Sep-2009An investigation to identify changes in power of the kayaking stroke following manipulation of the cervical spine in asymptomatic kayakersGomes, Adrian Neil; Cuninghame, Neil Mark
23-Nov-2009A comparative study of three different types of manual therapy techniques in the management of chronic mechanical neck painWilson, Laura Maie; De Busser, Nikki Lauren; Roodt, Maria Louisa Elizabeth
8-Sep-2009The relative effectiveness of using Pilates exercises to obtain scapula stabilisation as an adjunct to cervical manipulation in the treatment of chronic mechanical neck painJones, Andrew D.; Smit, Carine Bernice
8-Sep-2009Lumbar spine manipulation, compared to combined lumbar spine and ankle manipulation for the treatment of chronic mechanical low back painKruger, Brian D.; Forbes, Lauren Hayley
28-Aug-2009The effect of a single versus multiple cervical spine manipulations on peak torque of the rotator cuff muscles in asymptomatic subjects with cervical spine fixationWilson, Laura Maie; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Blakeney, Carmen
4-Mar-2010The relative effect of manipulation and core rehabilitation in the treatment of acute mechanical low back pain in sedentary patientsKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; White, Rowan; Higgs, Renee Joy
11-Mar-2010A comparative study to determine the efficacy of two different massage therapy oils in the treatment of chronic active trapezius myofascial trigger pointsShaik, Junaid; Pedlar, Claudia
4-Mar-2010A double blinded, placebo controlled study to determine the influence of the clinical ritual in instrument assisted adjusting during the management of mechanical low back painMyburgh, Cornelius; Dugmore, Belinda Rose
12-Oct-2009The immediate effect of thoraco-lumbar spinal manipulation compared to lower lumbar spinal manipulation on core muscle endurance and activity in patients with mechanical low back painJones, Andrew D.; Murray, Stuart M.