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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
11-Nov-2008The Effect of Cues of Parental Investment on Attractiveness Ratings of Males: The Impact of Child Presence and AgeCaryl, Peter; Went, Hannah
12-Nov-2008Construction of the Social Network Score (SNS) Questionnaire for undergraduate students, and an examination of the pre-requisites for large social networks in humans?Stileman, Edward
27-Jan-2009Investigating which processes influence reading fluency in dyslexic and non-dyslexic groupsBranigan, Holly; Jones, Manon Wyn
6-Jul-2012The Relationship Between Attractiveness and Recognition Memory for FacesMacKenzie, Graham; Kinsky, Alex
20-Mar-2014Justifying Beliefs About Seance Phenomena in 19th Century BritainLamont, Peter; Stubbs, Harriet
11-Nov-2008The effects of waist-to-hip ratio and body weight on male judgements of female physical attractiveness, wife desirability, and health, both within and between cultures.Caryl, Peter; McLean, Julia
11-Nov-2008Making written health information easier to read may result in improvements in knowledge gain and increased reader satisfaction.Whiteman, Martha; Beddow, Andrew
18-Feb-2009Culture and Expression in Mother-Infant Vocal Play: Do Vowels Regulate Intersubjectivity?Trevarthen, Colwyn; Donaldson, Morag; Powers, Niki
11-Nov-2008It’s like priming: An Investigation into the Priming and Audience effects for the Discourse Marker like.Haywood, Sarah; McLeod, Andrew
11-Nov-2008Is General Intelligence or Social Intelligence Related to Social Network Size?Bates, Tim; Wigan, Emma